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Our Client Stories

Randell’s Story: Getting Justice for Injuries in an Unsafe Business Premises

Due to serious health issues, Randell’s wife needed to use a wheelchair. The two were in a business, and he was helping her navigate the crowds. Suddenly, she tumbled down a step and fell forward. Because the carpeting was all the same color and the step was unmarked, it was impossible to see! Randell was distraught – and his wife suffered a broken wrist. When the business’s insurance company started making excuses and denied their claim, Randell turned to Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

We Get Results

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys has an outstanding record of achieving major settlements. With over $35 million dollars secured for our clients, there’s nothing we value more than getting justice for those who need it most.


Company driver on a cell phone causes a horrific crash.


An 18-year-old killed by a woman driving while using a cell phone.


A class-action lawsuit against catfish producers for price fixing.


A woman paralyzed by a defective medical device.

Danny’s Story: Motorcyclist’s Widow Gets the Compensation She Deserves

After barely surviving a motorcycle crash, Danny developed cancer and died. His widow thought she’d have to fight alone—until she found Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys 

Kenny’s Story: Andy Citrin Wins Big for Injured Motorcyclist and Officiates His Wedding

After being hit by a car while riding his motorcycle, the doctors didn’t expect Kenny to live. Andy believed in Kenny and decided to fight for him.

Betty’s Story: Elderly Woman Gets Justice After Rear-End Crash

Betty had just finished shopping at Walmart when she was rear-ended in the store’s driveway. The Andy Citrin team helped get her justice.

Matthew’s Story: Restaurant Manager With Severe Injuries Finds Justice and Closure

A collision with an illegally parked 18-wheeler left Matthew permanently disabled. He called Andy Citrin to help him get justice for his injuries.

Ashley’s Story: Injured Motorcyclist Get Results With Aggressive Representation

Ashley nearly died after a drunk driver hit his motorcycle. Learn how Andy Citrin helped put his life back together.

Linda’s Story: Holding a Drunk Boater Accountable

After a close call with a drunk boater on Easter Sunday, Linda wasn’t sure how she was going to pay her bills. That’s when she called Andy for help.

Caylin’s Story: Nursing Student Gets Justice After Surviving 18-Wheeler Crash

Caylin didn’t have time to let an 18-wheeler crash derail her career or her life. The Andy Citrin team fought for her, making sure she got justice and closure.

Russell’s Story: Trucker Saves His Business After Being Hurt By a Reckless Driver

After being rear-ended outside his trucking school, medical bills put Russell’s livelihood and his business in jeopardy. That’s when he called Andy.

Michael Suffers Serious Injuries Due to a Company’s Negligence

On his way to an appointment, Michael T. suffered a severe, disabling injury because of a company’s negligence. Unfortunately, Michael had pre-existing conditions that complicated his recovery, and he faced a difficult and uncertain path forward. (Due to a confidentiality agreement, neither Michael nor Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys can discuss the specific details of his claim and injuries.)

John’s Story: A Retailer’s Negligence Causes Life-Changing Injuries

After an employee dropped a heavy meat smoker on John in a store, he needed help paying his medical bills. That’s when he called Andy for help. 

Barbara’s Story: Taking on a Superstore After an In-Store Accident

At 81 years old, Barbara lived an independent and active life. She never anticipated that a routine trip to a local superstore would change her life. As Barbara stood at the meat counter, a few employees were messing around while wheeling a large metal shelving unit filled with large metal pans and trays.

Lisa’s Story: Surviving a Head-On Crash With a Drunk Driver

A head-on collision with a drunk driver left Lisa in pain, unable to work, and with a pile of medical bills. She called Andy Citrin for help.

Karen’s Story: Sorting Through a Drunk Boater’s Stories and Demanding Justice

Karen was trying to enjoy a peaceful evening on the river with her husband, when a drunk boater ran aground, nearly crushing them. She needed justice and called Andy Citrin for help.

Jasmine’s Story: Finding Closure After an Accident With a Drunk Driver

After Jasmine survived a head-on collision with an impaired driver, her expenses began to pile up. Learn how the Andy Citrin team got her the compensation she deserved.

Kelly’s Story: New Bride Gets the Justice She Deserves 

When another driver caused a head-on collision, Kelly’s life changed forever. After getting married in a boot, Kelly knew she needed help from the Andy Citrin legal team.

Carlton’s Story: A Retired Veteran Finds Hope After a Crash

After a reckless driver forced Carlton’s 1955 Chevy into a ditch, he faced a difficult recovery. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys helped him fight back.

Paul’s Story: Responsible Driver Fights Back Against False Accusations After a Crash

Paul was an experienced company driver, and he knew the rules of the road. He never thought that a service call would end in a crash and an unfounded lawsuit. Learn how we helped him fight back.

Chuck’s Story: Motorcyclist Injured by a Drunk Driver Gets the Help He Deserves

Chuck was a responsible motorcyclist who enjoyed long rides on the open road. When a drunk driver struck him on his bike, his whole life changed. Keep reading to learn how Chuck got justice.

Brian’s Story: A College Student Gets Justice After a Car Crash

When another driver rear-ended his vehicle, disrupted his college studies, and caused prolonged pain and suffering, Brian knew he needed help. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys got justice for Brian.

June’s Story: A Victim of Negligence Finds Justice

Read this client story and learn how the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys helped June, an innocent victim of negligence, recover a fair settlement and peace of mind.

Madeline’s Story: Finding Peace After a Catastrophic Crash

Madeline loved to pack her days with activity. She had recently retired and was enjoying every minute of her post-career life: gardening, selling homemade jams and jellies at the farmers’ market, spending time with her friends, children, and grandchildren, and working 30 hours a week as a food demonstrator.

A Truck Accident Victim Gets the Help She Needs: Tamara’s Story

On an unremarkable February morning, Tamara entered the intersection of Cottage Hill Road and Lakeside Drive in Mobile, Alabama. Suddenly, a massive construction truck pulled into the intersection, turned left, and hit her 1998 Buick Century head-on.

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