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Our Client Stories

Michael Suffers Serious Injuries Due to a Company’s Negligence

On his way to an appointment, Michael T. suffered a severe, disabling injury because of a company’s negligence. Unfortunately, Michael had pre-existing conditions that complicated his recovery, and he faced a difficult and uncertain path forward. (Due to a confidentiality agreement, neither Michael nor Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys can discuss the specific details of his claim and injuries.)

We Get Results

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys has an outstanding record of achieving major settlements. With over $35 million dollars secured for our clients, there’s nothing we value more than getting justice for those who need it most.


Company driver on a cell phone causes a horrific crash.


An 18-year-old killed by a woman driving while using a cell phone.


A class-action lawsuit against catfish producers for price fixing.


A woman paralyzed by a defective medical device.

Madeline’s Story: Finding Peace After a Catastrophic Crash

Madeline loved to pack her days with activity. She had recently retired and was enjoying every minute of her post-career life: gardening, selling homemade jams and jellies at the farmers’ market, spending time with her friends, children, and grandchildren, and working 30 hours a week as a food demonstrator.

A Truck Accident Victim Gets the Help She Needs: Tamara’s Story

On an unremarkable February morning, Tamara entered the intersection of Cottage Hill Road and Lakeside Drive in Mobile, Alabama. Suddenly, a massive construction truck pulled into the intersection, turned left, and hit her 1998 Buick Century head-on.

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