A Seemingly Minor Traffic Collision Causes Big Problems

When Brian H. got in his car one bright fall afternoon, he never imagined his life would change in just a few short seconds. A dedicated college student, Brian was driving near his university when he slowed to make a left turn. As he was waiting for traffic to clear, he was suddenly rear-ended by a negligent driver who did not give himself enough room to stop. While the crash occurred at a relatively low speed, and his airbags did not deploy, Brian’s car was no longer drivable after the crash.

Head and Back Pain Jeopardize a Student’s Studies

During the accident, Brian’s head snapped back and forth and forcefully struck the headrest. He sought medical attention immediately, and the ER doctors diagnosed him with whiplash.

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While some people recover quickly from whiplash, Brian’s pain persisted and spread through his neck and back. It became clear that his injuries would need more time and attention to resolve. Unfortunately, Brian’s injuries interrupted his college studies, and it was unclear whether he would reach his educational goals.

As a young college student, the financial burden of his medical bills and uncertainty about his future was more than Brian could handle. He needed someone who would fight for him while he healed.

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Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Helps Brian Settle His Claim and Get Fair Compensation for His Injuries

Even though the other driver was clearly at fault, Brian had a hard time getting the compensation he deserved. Thankfully, he called Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys. After assessing Brian’s case, our injury lawyers got to work investigating the accident, calculating his damages, and working to ensure the insurance company didn’t take advantage of him.

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After intense negotiations, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys successfully helped Brian get a settlement that covered his medical bills and compensated him for his pain and suffering. Eventually, his pain decreased, and Brian was able to continue his education with the assurance that the financial burden of his accident would be lifted, thanks to our legal team.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for Alabama Accident Victims

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we understand how challenging it is to recover from a traumatic accident while juggling everything else life throws your way. That’s why we fight our hardest to get our clients the justice they deserve after the unthinkable happens.

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