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Helping Injured Victims & Families throughout Alabama and Mississippi

Helping Injured Victims & Families throughout Alabama and Mississippi


Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting For Gulf Coast Accident Victims- Get the Money & Justice You Deserve!

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we know that serious accidents can be life changing for you and your family. We fight for our clients and get the justice and compensation you deserve.  We put you and your family’s needs first, and we’re ready to win for you. Call us for a free consultation. No fees until we win.


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We Move Fast

We believe that justice delayed is justice denied. That’s why our lawyers and rapid response teams move quickly, preserving clients’ evidence, building their claims, and demanding fair compensation for their injuries.

We Make It Easy For You

After a crash, no one wants to deal with the insurance company. Let our team handle your injury claims, while you focus on healing. Plus, we can meet you at any of our seven offices—and we make house calls.

We Get Results

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to Alabama personal injury claims. Instead, our clients get legal strategies and real-world advice from lawyers who know what it takes to win. That’s why we’ve recovered hundreds of millions in compensation for them.


We Help Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast Accident Victims During Their Darkest Moments

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we prepare every claim like it's going to trial and don't tolerate insurance company scare tactics.

We Help Alabama and Gulf Coast Accident Victims During Their Darkest Moments

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we prepare every claim like it's going to trial and don't tolerate insurance company scare tactics.

We're Here for Our Clients

"I was always treated with respect, and even today I feel like I am part of the Citrin law firm family. I would highly recommend Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys to represent anyone seeking advice for accidents."


"They were extremely efficient in handling my case. I am thankful to say that Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys helped me during this hard time. I highly recommend them."


"After the first few times talking to the insurance company, I knew I needed a lawyer. Even though my case wasn't a big case, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys made me feel like I was their one and only client."


"Not only did the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys drive over five hours to meet with me and my family, but they were also constantly accessible, knowledgeable, and I felt they understood my thoughts, feelings, and concerns."


Madeline's Story

Madeline suffered a spinal cord injury after a distracted company driver rear-ended her car. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys helped her regain control.

Brian's Story

When another driver rear-ended his vehicle, disrupted his college studies, and caused prolonged pain and suffering, Brian knew he needed help. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys got justice for Brian.

Meet Our Injury Lawyers

Our team of experienced accident attorneys handles claims throughout Alabama, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast. They have built a reputation for careful research, thorough investigations, and aggressive legal advocacy.

Andy Citrin


Brad Kittrell


Matt Shelby


Jon Roberts


David Thies


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Our law firm is nationally recognized for our dedication to our clients, complex legal strategies, and impressive results.

Protect Yourself After an Alabama Car Accident

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In this helpful guide, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys’ team of injury lawyers explains the essentials of Alabama car accident law and how it may impact your claim. When you download our ebook, you’ll learn:

  • What you should do immediately after a car accident
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  • Why you need an experienced lawyer from Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys at your aide

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