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With a reputation for its personalized and aggressive approach to injury law, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys is one of Alabama and the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s preeminent law firms.

We Move Fast

We believe that justice delayed is justice denied. That’s why our lawyers and rapid response teams move quickly, preserving clients’ evidence, building their claims, and demanding fair compensation for their injuries.

We Make Our Clients’ Lives Easier

After a crash, no one wants to deal with the insurance company. Let our team handle your injury claims, while you focus on healing. Plus, we can meet you at any of our seven offices—and we make house calls.

We Get Results

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to Alabama personal injury claims. Instead, our clients get legal strategies and real-world advice from lawyers who know what it takes to win. That’s why we’ve recovered hundreds of millions in compensation for them.

We Help Alabama and Gulf Coast Accident Victims During Their Darkest Moments

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we prepare every claim like it’s going to trial and don’t tolerate insurance company scare tactics.

Helping Alabama and Gulf Coast Accident Victims During Their Darkest Moments

After a life-changing accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why you need a team of lawyers that will stand up for you and do what’s right. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we prepare every claim like it’s going to trial and don’t tolerate insurance company scare tactics.

Truck Accidents

There’s a reason our firm is known as Alabama’s “big truck lawyers.” We handle truck wreck cases involving negligent drivers, trucking companies, and defectively designed and manufactured vehicles.

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Car Accidents

After a car crash, you may face an uncertain future. we help our clients pick up the pieces and get fair compensation for their injuries. We do our best to hold drunk and reckless drivers accountable.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Bikers are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than someone in a car. After a serious motorcycle wreck, you need a skilled injury lawyer at your side. We help motorcycle riders get the compensation they deserve.

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ATV Accidents

ATVs and quad crashes can cause devastating injuries, especially for children. Our lawyers guide victims and their families through claims against property owners, ATV manufacturers, and other riders.

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Personal Injury

We demand justice when someone’s negligence or reckless behavior causes serious injuries. This includes slip and falls, injuries from defective and dangerous products, and other catastrophic accidents.

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Dog Bites

Irresponsible dog owners put us all at risk, especially children. We help dog bite victims recover from their injuries and try to protect other community members from aggressive animals.

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Property Damage

Natural disasters, like tornados and hurricanes, are increasingly common in Alabama. We help homeowners when their insurance company refuses to cover their property damage claims.

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Maritime Accidents

Boating and offshore accidents pose unique challenges and involve a complicated analysis. We assist clients with both recreational and job-related maritime injuries.

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We’re Here for Our Clients

"I was always treated with respect, and even today I feel like I am part of the Citrin law firm family. I would highly recommend Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys to represent anyone seeking advice for accidents."


Madeline’s Story

Madeline suffered a spinal cord injury after a distracted company driver rear-ended her car. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys helped her regain control.

Brian’s Story

When another driver rear-ended his vehicle, disrupted his college studies, and caused prolonged pain and suffering, Brian knew he needed help. Learn how Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys got justice for Brian.

Meet Our Injury Lawyers

Our team of experienced accident attorneys handles claims throughout Alabama, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast. They have built a reputation for careful research, thorough investigations, and aggressive legal advocacy.




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