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Can You Work While Receiving Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is an important protection for employees in most careers and jobs all over the nation. When someone gets hurt in the workplace while doing their job, they’re covered. They can get paid for their medical bills, and even part of their lost wages when they are unable to work. It’s a no-fault system, which means it doesn’t matter who caused the accident or how in most cases. One question that often comes up, however, is what happens when the injury is severe enough that you can’t hold down your previous job to the level you once could, but you’re not completely disabled? Can you still work while you’re on workers’ comp? Learn about working while you are receiving workers’ compensation, and when you might need help from a workers’ compensation lawyer to get your benefits. Working While on Workers’ Comp Workers’ compensation, also called worker’s comp, workers’ comp, and workman’s compensation, among other terms, exists to help you [...]

DEA Will Begin Sharing Prescription Drug Data With Attorney Generals

By: Attorney Mitch Grissim For several years now we’ve all heard about the opioid addiction crisis that’s become an epidemic problem across our nation. Now, a number of attorneys general across the nation have stepped forward to work with the Drug Enforcement Agency on a new way to crack down on the role that big pharma is playing in this tragic state of affairs. Over fifty different attorney general offices across the U.S. have now reached an agreement with the DEA to obtain information on prescription drug data. The deal covers 48 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, and will make the Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System, or ARCOS records available. This means over 80 million prescription drug transactions will be available to attorneys general every year. Taking the War on Drugs to the Next Level The news comes on the heels of President Trump’s opioid commission announcing that it was supporting the new Prescription Drug Monitoring [...]

Most Common Causes Of 18 Wheeler Accidents

Truck accidents are nothing short of catastrophic. When two cars collide there’s already the potential for devastating injuries. When one considers the sheer size, bulk, and mass of a semi-truck, it’s a pathway to life-altering injuries. What’s worse, these kinds of accidents are on the rise all across the nation. Despite increasing education and awareness, and despite more stringent laws and enforcement regarding important safety procedures, truck accidents are still going up by about 1% per year, every year. The problem is epidemic. Understanding the causes of truck accidents can help you not only to avoid incidents but to know the right path to take if you have to pursue an injury case. Learn some of the most common causes of accidents involving large commercial semi-trucks and how an 18 wheeler accident attorney can help your case. Overworked, Tired Drivers Even though there are laws in place that require truck drivers to rest for so many hours they’re on the [...]

Most Common Types Of Maritime Injuries

Maritime industry careers can be very rewarding and lucrative. They’re also extremely dangerous, riding right up there with the construction industry in terms of job hazards and the preponderance of injuries that occur every year. Just about every job in the maritime industry carries the inherent danger of injury. It’s just part of the job. However, many of these accidents can be avoided with the right safety procedures and training. Still, it’s important to understand the most common types of maritime injuries, and what you need to do in order to get compensation for the damages you’ve suffered. Learn about common maritime accidents, and discover where you can go to find a maritime lawyer who can represent you in your personal injury case. Falling Overboard Falling overboard may be the type of injury that most people think of when they consider accidents at sea. However, it doesn’t just entail falling off of a ship at sea. It also deals with [...]

Important Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re in a car accident and you get hurt it can be a life altering experience. It’s scary, it’s a betrayal, and you’re wracked with anger and confusion. You have rising doctor’s bills, and you can’t work to make ends meet anymore. You’re likely suffering from mental and emotional trauma that affects your basic relationships. When this happens you deserve compensation and the best way to get that is to work with an experienced car accident lawyer. You shouldn’t, however, just select the first lawyer that comes along. It’s important that you know the right questions to ask so you can choose a lawyer that will best work for your needs. Here’s some advice on the right questions to ask. What’s Your Experience in This Region? Every state has its own specific laws on how car accidents proceed; while many laws are very similar, a basic mistake involving a seemingly minor detail can cost you everything. Be sure that [...]

Car Accident Caused By Cell Phone Use

Car accidents are unfortunately all too common and can happen for a variety of reasons. One reason, in particular, has received quite a bit of media attention over the past several years, and that’s cell phone usage. Whether it’s talking on the phone, texting or changing the song playing, you’ve probably used your cell phone while driving before. This may not be the best idea. Not only can be involved in a car accident caused by cell phone, but you could be exposed to additional lawsuits. Learn more about the repercussions of being involved in a car accident caused by cell phone use. Drivers at Fault If a lawsuit is put forward after an accident, the plaintiff generally has to prove that the other driver was at fault. If the other driver was using a cell phone during or immediately before the accident, it’s much easier to make the case since cell phones can make it objectively more difficult to [...]

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