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trucking coronavirus

Are We Keeping Truck Drivers Safe During the Coronavirus Crisis?

As the coronavirus threatens to disrupt the national supply chain, truckers keep our communities safe by stocking the supplies we need. This is an invaluable service, and we are very grateful to the drivers working for our health and comfort. Unfortunately, our country’s pressing needs are forcing truck drivers to work in unimaginable circumstances. Sometimes,…
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can i file lawsuit coronavirus lockdown

Can I File a Lawsuit During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

For car accident victims and their families, a lawsuit against the at-fault party is an important way to get justice, closure, and the financial support they need to move forward.  Unfortunately, many victims aren’t sure how the coronavirus outbreak will complicate their legal claims. Thankfully, Alabama and Mississippi’s legal communities are working hard to protect people—while…
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should I see a doctor after a car accident coronavirus

Should I Skip the Doctor After a Car Crash Due to Coronavirus?

The coronavirus crisis has put many routine activities on hold, but people are still driving, and most injuries don’t just resolve overnight, even during a pandemic. Unfortunately, car accident victims are now facing a critical and challenging question: “Should I go to the doctor after a crash during the coronavirus outbreak?” In this blog, our…
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how long does it take to settle personal injury claim

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim in Mississippi?

When you’re hurt, out of work, and struggling, you may wonder how quickly you can settle your personal injury claim and get the financial resources you need to get back on your feet. Unfortunately, the insurance company will try to drag out your case for as long as possible, hoping that you’ll accept an unfair…
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how to recover from road rash after a motorcycle crash 

How to Recover From Road Rash After a Motorcycle Accident

There’s nothing like a motorcycle ride on the open road to calm your mind and clear your head, especially in times of crisis. We love the freedom motorcycles offer but know that bikers are vulnerable during a crash. Road rash, a burn-like condition that happens when the road scrapes against your skin, is one of the most common…
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truck accident

Injured in a Wreck? Make Sure You Get the Trucker’s Logbooks

After a truck accident, most victims have a lot of questions about the truck driver’s liability. You may suspect that the trucker was driving while drowsy, or that they being pressured to work long hours by their employer. In these cases, their logbooks may be essential to uncovering the truth. Nearly every truck on the…
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nursing home abuse coronavirus

What to Do if Your Loved Ones Are Suffering From Elder Abuse During the Coronavirus Outbreak

In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the populations with the highest risk are the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions — two groups that often overlap. Disturbingly, in addition to COVID-19 risks, our elders are facing unprecedented rates of elder abuse and nursing home abuse in Mississippi and Alabama. In an increasingly stressful…
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alabama courts coronavirus

Need Legal Help During the Coronavirus Lockdown? We’re Still Fighting

Coronavirus has changed the way we live, work, and play. It’s also impacted how victims get justice after crashes and accidents that weren’t their fault. A routine consultation to understand your options looks very different than it did just a few months ago. But that shouldn’t keep you from getting the help you need. We…
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What happens if you slip and fall in a store

What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store in Mississippi

A slip-and-fall accident is the last thing anybody wants (or expects) to happen when they visit a store. Customers want a safe and easy shopping experience, and store owners and employees want the same. Regardless of everyone’s best intentions, however, accidents do happen, and people often sustain unfortunate and severe injuries on someone else’s property.…
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drive safely during the rainy season

4 Ways to Drive Safely During the Mississippi and Alabama Rainy Season

Because of our sub-tropical climate, Alabama and Mississippi drivers must understand how to drive safely in inclement weather. In this blog, we’ll outline 4 ways to drive safely during the rainy season to help decrease the number and severity of weather-related car crashes. Tips for Driving in the Mississippi and Alabama Rainy Season The Alabama…
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car crash safety

5 Ways to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe During a Car Crash

We take a risk every time we get behind the wheel. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, car accidents killed 1,617 people in Alabama and Mississippi in 2018. It’s easy to assume that it won’t happen to you. However, Alabama estimates that we have a 90% chance of being in a car crash…
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dram shop liability

Can I Sue a Bar That Overserved a Drunk Driver in Alabama?

Did you know that bars and restaurants may be liable when they overserve a drunk driver? When someone injures you or someone you love, it’s common to focus on the reckless driver’s insurance policies. However, Alabama law provides other options that you should explore. In this post, we’ll delve into Alabama dram shop laws, how…
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alabama truck crash

Truck Wrecks Are on the Rise in Alabama: Learn How to Stay Safe

Right now, there are thousands of big trucks on Alabama’s highways. Unfortunately, many trucking companies and drivers don’t follow our rules of the road. In 2018, 10,079 trucks crashed in our state, causing 2,629 injuries and 121 deaths in Alabama alone. These numbers have increased steadily since 2013. Big trucks don’t make Alabama roads safer…
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alabama bad faith insurance claims

What Is an Alabama Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

After a terrible storm, car crash, or accident, victims rely on their insurance to cover the cost of their damaged property, medical bills, and mental suffering. However, the insurance company sometimes denies valid claims without any real reason. When valid claims are denied, it’s often because the insurance company wants to save money. When the…
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3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Crash

3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

Most car accidents happen in an instant, but they can have serious consequences for everyone involved. Even though the insurance company will tell you that they want to help and that a lawyer’s not worth the time and money, this advice is often self-serving. While you need help paying your medical bills and rebuilding your…
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How Do I Preserve Evidence After a Drunk Driving

How Do I Preserve Evidence After a Drunk Driving Crash?

Drunk driving remains one of the most common causes of car crashes on Alabama roads. In fact, there were over 5,000 drunk driving-related crashes in Alabama in 2018. After a drunk driving crash, you must preserve every piece of evidence you can. Evidence collection puts you in a better position to succeed with your insurance…
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truck accident lawyer Gulfport Biloxi Mississippi

How to Get a Fair Settlement in Your Semi Truck Crash Case

Somehow, you survived a terrible crash with an enormous, fully loaded semi-truck. You submit an insurance claim, expecting to be fairly compensated for your medical bills, lost income, destroyed property, and all the anguish the crash caused. But that’s not what happened. The company offered you an astonishingly low number that doesn’t even cover your…
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motorcycle accident

Hit by a Motorcycle? A Pedestrian’s Guide to Injury Claims

While many motorcycle riders appreciate their bikes’ risk and power, it only takes one reckless choice or mistake to cause permanent damage and suffering. Unfortunately for younger riders, these careless moments are all too common. In this blog, the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team outlines what you need to know about Alabama pedestrian and motorcycle…
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texting and driving accident

Why Is Texting and Driving Still a Problem on Alabama’s Roads?

Driving while texting can cause horrific injuries to innocent people. To find out some statistics on distracted driving, please read on....
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Back Pain After a Crash? Look Out for These Warning Signs

What You Need to Know About Crash-Related Back Pain Back and neck injuries are relatively common after a collision. What may seem like a minor backache may be early signs of a serious condition, like a herniated disc. Pain, muscle weakness, and numbness are all common signs of back injuries after a car accident. After…
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