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dram shop liability

Can I Sue a Bar That Overserved a Drunk Driver in Alabama?

Did you know that bars and restaurants may be liable when they overserve a drunk driver? When someone ...
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alabama truck crash

Truck Wrecks Are on the Rise in Alabama: Learn How to Stay Safe

Right now, there are thousands of big trucks on Alabama’s highways. Unfortunately, many trucking companies and drivers don’t ...
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alabama bad faith insurance claims

What Is an Alabama Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

After a terrible storm, car crash, or accident, victims rely on their insurance to cover the cost of ...
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3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Crash

3 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident

Most car accidents happen in an instant, but they can have serious consequences for everyone involved. Even though ...
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How Do I Preserve Evidence After a Drunk Driving

How Do I Preserve Evidence After a Drunk Driving Crash?

Drunk driving remains one of the most common causes of car crashes on Alabama roads. In fact, there ...
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truck accident lawyer Gulfport Biloxi Mississippi

How to Get a Fair Settlement in Your Semi Truck Crash Case

Somehow, you survived a terrible crash with an enormous, fully loaded semi-truck. You submit an insurance claim, expecting ...
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motorcycle accident

Hit by a Motorcycle? A Pedestrian’s Guide to Injury Claims

While many motorcycle riders appreciate their bikes’ risk and power, it only takes one reckless choice or mistake ...
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texting and driving accident

Why Is Texting and Driving Still a Problem on Alabama’s Roads?

When your music, GPS, and digital life are all on one convenient handheld device, it’s easy to have ...
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