Alabama Rear-End Accidents

July 31, 2014

A rear end collision specifically refers to a vehicular crash that involves the front of one vehicle running into the rear of another vehicle – in many cases, the vehicle that’s hit is either stopped, or coming to a halt before being hit from behind.

According to a study recently distributed by the U.S Dept Of Transportation, it was stated that not only are rear-end crashes one of the most frequently-occurring types of car accidents (over 29% of all auto wrecks are a result of rear-end accidents), but they are also the source for a large number of serious injuries and fatalities. The study also detailed that drivers of 18 years old and YOUNGER were the most at risk, and that those in the 18-25 year old range were the most likely to be the people that are responsible for rear-ending another vehicle.

If you have been the victim of a rear-end smash and need advice on the best course of action to take, the skilled attorneys at Citrin Law can help. With decades of combined experience in representing personal injury cases, we have the knowledge and experience to successfully handle your lawsuit.

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Common Hit-From-Behind Auto Accident Injuries

While a variety of injuries can occur whenever a vehicle is struck from behind with force, some common injuries that motorists suffer are:

In many cases, victims of rear end crashes often sustain very serious injuries. At the Citrin Law Firm, our team of experienced attorneys have helped hundreds of clients that were seriously injured by negligent drivers and we may be able to assist you, too.

We understand if you are confused about what to do after your injury has occurred, and with that in mind, we can help offer our honest advice and guide you through the entire personal injury litigation process. By getting the right kind of legal help, you can then focus on the more important goal of getting healthy and “back to normal”.


Citrin Law Community Outreach Programs

As responsible citizens in our respective Baldwin and Mobile county communities, at Citrin Law we also have initiated various driver education programs, to help teach Alabama drivers the dangers of driving while distracted – along with a host of other information about the consequences of being negligent drivers.

It is our goal to help our fellow Alabama residents be more aware on our roads, and to try and reduce the amount of auto accidents caused each year by driver error.


Insurance Companies & The Claim Process

In most cases, by lodging a personal injury claim, our lawyers will be dealing with insurance company adjusters that are from the company that issued the “at-fault” driver his / her insurance policy. It is VERY IMPORTANT to be aware that the insurance adjuster is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

It is NOT in their best interests to give you compensation for your injury. Each adjuster goes through very specific training to learn how to obtain information that can be used against you during the compensation claim process. Thankfully, our skilled team of attorneys are aware of the tactics that employ, and have the knowledge and resources to ensure that your best interests are catered to.

Ultimately, the staff at Citrin Law strongly believe that those who are responsible for your injuries should be held accountable.


Car Crash Lawyers in Mobile County

The injuries which can be sustained in a rear-end collision can be extremely costly – with the after effects often lasting a lifetime. You need to be sure that the attorney you hire will not back down until they obtain your full settlement amount. If you have been seriously injured in a rear-end accident and need the help of a dependable team of legal professionals, contact our team at Citrin Law today.

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