June Suffers a Traumatic Injury at a Restaurant

June P. was a vibrant, social woman who enjoyed going out with friends and working at her job. One day, June was enjoying breakfast with a friend at a Waffle House restaurant. When it came time to pay her bill, June realized she’d left her wallet in the car.

As June headed down the restaurant’s wheelchair ramp to her car, she slipped in the rainy weather. June’s feet went out from under her, and she fell hard on her back. She felt immediate pain course through her spine. June had suffered a nondisplaced fracture of the caudal segments of the coccyx — a badly broken tailbone.

An Investigation Reveals Negligence

After the fall, June struggled constantly with pain. Even though she sought medical treatment, her emotional and physical condition got worse.

After doctors decided that restorative surgery was too risky, June decided to undergo epidural steroid injections to her spine. These shots allowed June to continue working through the pain, but eventually, the constant discomfort, sleepless nights, depression, and inability to go about her daily life became too much. June’s employer finally laid her off, and she knew it would be impossible for her to find work again in her condition.

June realized she had to do something to get justice and compensation for her severe injury. That’s when she called Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team investigated June’s fall and discovered that the Waffle House’s wheelchair ramp was unsafe. The ramp’s blue paint wasn’t fortified with grit; adding grit to paint is a standard safety practice because it helps increase traction in wet weather. Instead, water was beading on the paint at the time of June’s fall, creating a dangerous oily sheen that could cause anyone to slip — even a cautious and sensible person like June, who was wearing rain boots.

June had trusted Waffle House, a high-profile restaurant chain with thousands of locations and significant resources, to make sure their wheelchair ramp was safe to use. Instead, the ramp was a slippery nightmare that posed a risk to restaurant patrons.

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June Receives a Fair Settlement and Peace of Mind

June had spent too many years in pain, unable to work or enjoy her life. At age 58, June should have been able to work for at least seven more years. However, due to the life-changing nature of her injury, it’s unlikely that June will ever return to work. The restaurant’s negligence deprived her of almost a decade’s worth of earnings.

The team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys knew that the fight for justice in June’s case would be long and challenging. In addition to a thorough investigation, the team offered June compassionate reassurance and guidance throughout the legal process, from the investigation to the final settlement. After four years of drawn-out, intense negotiations with Waffle House, Andy Citrin’s team secured a settlement of $245,000 on June’s behalf.

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