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Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: We Fight for Accident Victims Throughout Alabama and the Gulf Coast

Truck Accidents

Our injury lawyers handle truck wreck cases involving negligent drivers, trucking companies, and defectively designed and manufactured vehicles.

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Car Accidents

After a car crash, you may face an uncertain future. We strive to help clients pick up the pieces and get fair compensation for their injuries.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than someone in a car. After a serious motorcycle wreck, you need a skilled injury lawyer at your side.

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ATV Accidents

ATVs and quad crashes can cause life-changing injuries, especially when children are involved. Our lawyers can guide victims and their families through claims against property owners, ATV manufacturers, and other riders.

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Personal Injury

Our team demands accountability when someone’s negligence causes serious injuries.

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Dog Bites

Irresponsible dog owners put us all at risk. We help dog bite victims recover from their injuries and try to protect other community members from aggressive animals.

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Maritime Accidents

Boating and offshore accidents sometimes offer unique challenges. We assist clients with both recreational and job-related maritime injuries.

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Property Damage

Natural disasters are increasingly common in Alabama. We help homeowners when their insurance company refuses to cover their claims.

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