A Routine Service Call Ends in a Devastating Crash

Paul had worked in the refrigeration industry as a serviceman for years. He was used to driving company vehicles to and from worksites, understood the rules of the road, and knew how to drive responsibly on the clock. When he headed out in his company van toward Barnwell on a service call, he never imagined that it would end in disaster.

With his cell phone safely stored in the cup holder and no other distractions present, Paul continued south on 181. He knew the area well and had his eyes on the road. After stopping at a light, Paul pulled into the intersection once the light turned green. As he proceeded through the intersection, a car coming from the cross street barreled into his vehicle and t-boned it. The impact caused Paul to hit his head, and the next thing he remembers is waking up in his smoke-filled van.

Paul found the aftermath of the crash disorienting—there was smoke, a team of police officers, and someone in the other car was agitated and yelling. In the chaos, Paul told a police officer that he didn’t know how the crash happened. Unfortunately, the officer blamed Paul for the crash and reported that he had run a red light.

A Shoulder Injury and a Lawsuit Complicate Paul’s Life

While Paul initially reported feeling foggy but mostly “fine,” he developed pain in his shoulder that wouldn’t go away. He tried to work through the pain, but it started impacting his work and daily activities. Paul sought medical attention from a clinic and learned that he tore the rotator cuff in his shoulder. He would need extensive physical therapy to regain full use of his arm.

Paul was devastated. Unable to work, his morale began to slip. Then, the other driver, who had collided with his company truck, sued him and his employer. The driver argued that, based on the police report, Paul had run a red light, causing the crash. That’s when Paul knew he needed help.

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We Believed Paul’s Story and Decided to Fight for the Underdog

Paul called Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys because of their reputation for tenacious representation. However, he had a tough case; the accident report and the driver who struck his van agreed that Paul was at fault. Nonetheless, Paul was adamant that he did not run a red light and was not to blame for the accident.

We believed him. Our team immediately got to work, investigating Paul’s case. We quickly discovered that a nearby convenience store had surveillance video of the entire crash.

Next, our injury lawyers consulted with an accident reconstruction and stoplight sequencing expert, who carefully reviewed the store’s footage and retraced each driver’s steps before the accident. According to our expert, Paul was right — he didn’t run the red light.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Gets Paul the Justice He Deserves

Once we had proof that Paul didn’t cause the accident, it didn’t take long to negotiate a settlement with the driver who initially sued Paul. With our help, Paul recovered an amount that more than covered his medical bills and helped ease the financial burden of the crash.

We also convinced Paul’s workers’ compensation insurer to waive a $47,000 lien. Typically, when a workers’ compensation carrier pays out benefits, it can demand a share of the victim’s other settlements. Not having to pay the insurance company back was a huge relief for Paul.

However, the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys didn’t stop after resolving Paul’s UM/UIM claims. Under Alabama law, bars and restaurants cannot sell alcohol to intoxicated individuals. When they violate this duty, and a drunk driver injures someone, the bar may be liable. These claims are sometimes called “dram shop” cases.

During the investigation, it became clear that a bar had knowingly overserved the drunk driver. Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys aggressively pursued a dram shop case for Paul and eventually held the bar accountable for overserving the driver.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for Alabama Crash Victims

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we believe Alabama roads should be safe for everyone and that the injured deserve swift justice. When we fight for our clients, we don’t give up and do our best to uncover the truth.

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