Gracie had the right of way. She saw the semi-truck in oncoming traffic, traveling southbound on Highway 45, waiting to turn left onto the 158 overpass. Gracie was going straight; she knew the driver had to wait for her to pass before entering the intersection. She assumed the driver would follow the rules of the road. He didn’t.

The truck wreck was brutal. When the truck driver plowed through the light, the 18-wheeler crashed into the driver’s side door of Gracie’s Jeep. Glass went everywhere. The collision was forceful enough to push her across the road.

Gracie Sustains Life-Changing Physical and Mental Injuries

Gracie was lucky to survive the crash, but she needed emergency medical care.  An ambulance rushed her to the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center where she was treated for her extensive injuries.

Her injuries were so severe that Gracie was needed ongoing follow-up care.

She received multiple CT scans, x-rays, and ultrasounds in the days and weeks after the crash. The emergency room doctors did their best to extract the glass from her face. Still, Gracie needed additional surgery with a specialized plastic surgeon to remove glass fragments that were embedded near her jaw. She also underwent a procedure to replace the tooth that was knocked out in the crash.

Despite the positive progress Gracie was making, her mental state and cognitive function began to suffer. Instead of getting her life back on track, Gracie was forced to live with constant reminders of how the truck driver hurt her. These painful reminders affected everything in her daily life. She suffered from:

As her physical body healed, Gracie’s mind was haunted by the memory of the crash. Her medical bills were piling up.

The Trucking Company Falsely Accuses Gracie  and Refuses to Take Responsibility for the Crash

Gracie decided to call Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys for help. She knew they had a reputation for their aggressive approach and winning track record. However, Gracie and the team were up for a tough fight.

The original accident report listed Gracie as the one who caused the crash, even though our investigation suggested that the truck driver was to blame. Our team knows how to fight for wrongly accused drivers, and it wasn’t our first time going to bat for the underdog.

We got to work right away, confident that we had the tools and experience to fight and win for Gracie.

We interviewed several witnesses who saw the truck blow through the intersection and crash into Gracie. These witnesses would be critical to Gracie’s case later. We also discovered the trucking company had a robust insurance policy that could cover the costs of Gracie’s medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Now, we needed to hold them accountable for their driver’s actions and give them the chance to make things right.

The company refused. Instead, they treated the crash like a routine accident instead of an avoidable tragedy. They refused to offer Gracie a fair settlement or admit that their driver had done anything wrong. Even more upsetting, our team was extremely concerned that the trucking company wasn’t taking the necessary steps to preserve the evidence that would point to their wrongdoing.

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Andy Citrin Team Helps Gracie Secure the Financial Resources She Deserves

There are many ways to make sure injured people get the compensation they deserve after a crash. One of those ways is through a process called mediation. In mediation, the injured person and the company responsible for their injuries work with a neutral third party to come to an agreement.

Our team worked with Gracie to prepare for the mediation process. We stood our ground and demanded that the company do the right thing and make sure Gracie had the financial resources she deserved to recover.

Gracie emerged from mediation with a $100,000 recovery, taking home $56,000 to cover her damages. Winning for Gracie is one of our proudest moments as a team.

Gracie couldn’t happier either. She comments, “Great experience from start to finish! I cannot thank them enough for the dedication and help that I received!”

“Great experience from start to finish! I cannot thank them enough for the dedication and help that I received!”

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