When Caylin, a 19-year-old nursing student, got in her Volvo to drive to school one morning, she could hardly have guessed that this commute would change her life forever.

Partway through her long drive, an 18-wheeler began drifting into her lane. The third time the big truck crossed the yellow line, it hit her small car, sending her spinning into the grassy median. The airbags deployed, burning her face. Far from home and unsure of the extent of her other injuries, a terrified Caylin was taken by ambulance from the scene of the crash.

A Wreck With an Alabama 18-Wheeler Threatens Caylin’s Academic Career

Caylin, who had bruises all over her body, a totaled car, and no way to get to work or school, knew she needed help. Her dad recommended she call the Andy Citrin team, so she got in touch a few days after the accident. After listening to her story, we took over her case right away.

Our attorneys carefully investigated the crash, pulling police reports, and interviewing witnesses. When Caylin started getting medical bills in the mail, we made sure everything was sent directly to the firm so Caylin could focus on her recovery and academics.

“They set the bar for injury attorneys. They set the bar.”–Caylin

Unbelievably, the driver of the semi-truck was blaming Caylin for the accident—and the police report did not clearly assign fault to the trucker. Fortunately, the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team was able to contact the two eyewitnesses.

The witnesses’ statements were consistent and matched Caylin’s story. Even better, our team showed that the damage to Caylin’s car was consistent with their reports; the truck driver was clearly at fault for the crash. Through the team’s investigation, it was clear that not only was Caylin an innocent victim, but she deserved justice and compensation.

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The Andy Citrin Team Gets Caylin the Settlement She Deserves

The accident’s aftermath was devastating to Caylin. The burn on her face left her in pain and self-conscious in public. She also struggled with aches and pains from the sideswipe’s impact. A naturally tenacious person, Caylin wanted to push through and keep working, but the Citrin team encouraged her to take the time she needed to relax and heal. They had her case under control.

Initially, the trucking company offered to settle for an insultingly low amount that wouldn’t have covered the cost of Caylin’s totaled car, much less covered her medical bills and the cost of her pain and suffering. In addition to going to nursing school, Caylin was working full time but hadn’t been at her company long enough to qualify for health insurance. Accepting such a low amount was not an option; with medical bills piling up, Cailyn needed to pay them off and to replace her totaled car so she could get back to work and school.

Caylin’s lawyer eventually negotiated a settlement that was five times the insurance company’s initial offer.  After paying her attorney’s fees and costs, she had enough to cover medical bills, buy a new car, and continue her education. Caylin chose a vehicle with crash warning sensors, so if anyone tries to enter her lane again, her car should alert her of the danger.

With her bills paid and case settled, Caylin was grateful for all the help and support the Andy Citrin team gave her throughout the process. What made the difference? Her legal team always kept her well-informed of case developments, and when they said they’d take care of everything, they stuck to their word. They got her the settlement she needed to heal and move forward with her healing, her education, and her life.

“They set the bar for injury attorneys. They set the bar,” notes Caylin.

Hurt in an Alabama Truck Wreck? Let the Andy Citrin Team Fight for You

If you, like Caylin, were hurt in a truck wreck that wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for your medical bills or cost of replacing your damaged vehicle yourself. When you need help, don’t wait to call Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys. Our team of personal injury attorneys can meet with you to help you understand your case value, your options, and what to do next.

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