It was a clear, dark morning in March. Danny was on his way home, riding his motorcycle headed east on US-90 in Mississippi. A competent and experienced rider, Danny was driving safely and keeping a lookout in the dark of the morning. However, even the most experienced biker couldn’t have anticipated his motorcycle crash.

A car was parked on the shoulder, back bumper protruding into the right lane of traffic. Another car driving in the right lane crashed into the parked car, then spun out into the left lane, where Danny was on his motorcycle. The vehicle slammed into him, and the impact threw Danny from his bike. He landed in the left lane, and an oncoming car hit him as he lay in the road—and then kept on driving.

Emergency Medical Care Saves Danny’s Life

Thankfully, another motorist called 911 and requested emergency medical care for Danny. An ambulance rushed him to the University of South Alabama Medical Center, where doctors evaluated his extensive and severe injuries. It was a miracle that Danny survived.

During the collision, he suffered broken bones, severe lacerations, and was in tremendous pain. Nearly every part of his body needed a CT scan, x-ray, or both. He underwent surgery and required extensive treatment to put his body back together again. After a month of intensive medical care, Danny was finally able to go home.

However, in a cruel twist, Danny developed cancer a few months after leaving the hospital and passed away. His widow was left with a hole in her life, the trauma of the accident, and a tremendous amount of medical debt. Unsure where to turn, she contacted an attorney in Mississippi, who referred her to the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team.

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Andy Citrin Team Wins Big for Danny’s Widow

Our Mississippi motorcycle accident lawyers got right to work. Danny’s case was complicated: multiple people contributed to the crash, and he had extensive damages. As we investigated his claims, our team identified numerous insurance policies that covered his losses, including Danny’s own uninsured and underinsured motorist policy. We also filed legal claims against two of the negligent drivers involved in the wreck.

Due to our hard work, we recovered the entire available coverage amount in addition to the liability coverage — a sum of $125,000. The insurance settlement was a significant victory for Danny’s widow, especially because she didn’t think she’d be eligible to recover anything after the crash.

Finally, she had financial peace of mind and could begin to heal from the traumatic experience.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for Injured Motorcyclists in Mississippi and Alabama for Over 30 Years

No one who’s suffered after a terrible accident should have to worry about getting the money they deserve. Injured people should be able to focus on their recovery. Unfortunately, that’s not always how life works. When you or someone you love goes through a traumatic crash that wasn’t your fault, you need an attorney who can fight for you, even when the situation seems dire.

Our team has experience fighting for the most complex motorcycle crashes, and we have a long track record of helping injured people and their families get the compensation they deserve. If you’re ready to learn more about your options after a crash, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether the accident happened to you or someone you love, like in the case of Danny’s widow, we are ready to hear your story and help you decide what to do next.

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