Kerri and Chad were a happily married couple that enjoyed socializing, traveling, tennis, and cooking. However, a car accident changed everything.

There was nothing unusual about the day. Kerri was stopped in traffic on South University Boulevard in Mobile, patiently waiting for cars to clear. Seemingly out of nowhere, an SUV came racing up behind her, slamming into the back of her car at 40 miles per hour.

Even though she had been wearing a seatbelt, Kerri flew forward, and her head slammed into the steering wheel. Her body filled with pain and shock. She didn’t know it yet, but Kerri had just suffered a traumatic brain injury—a TBI. Her life as she knew it was changed forever.

Kerri Struggles to Get Her Life Back After the Crash

It was clear that Kerri was in urgent need of medical care; she went in an ambulance to a nearby hospital where she was diagnosed with a TBI and got stitches for the multiple cuts on her face. She returned home, tired but hopeful that she’d feel better in the morning.

However, Kerri struggled to recover. She developed frequent headaches and couldn’t concentrate. Because of her “fogginess” and mood swings, Kerri began to isolate herself. The noise and stress of group settings was too much for her to bear.

Her condition, which was slow to improve, also affected her relationship with her husband. After the crash, Kerri’s erratic emotions made it difficult for her to connect with Chad, and their relationship began to suffer. Kerri also experienced extreme night terrors and PTSD. Almost every night, Chad would wake to her blood-curdling screams.

Despite her struggles, Kerri was determined to heal. She began seeing a therapist to learn coping strategies for her mood swings, trouble focusing, sleep issues. And she found a neurologist who specialized in concussions and TBIs who provided specialized care. Slowly, Kerri’s life began to turn around, with Chad supporting her every step of the way.

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Andy Citrin Helps Kerri and Chad Move Forward and Regain Control

Even though Kerri was making impressive progress, the couple knew they needed more support to get their lives back on track. Encouraged by Andy Citrin’s reputation of success, they gave his office a call.

During their free consultation, Kerri and Chad learned that not only was Kerri entitled to compensation for her injuries, suffering, lost wages, and medical bills, Chad was as well. He had suffered tremendously because of his wife’s injury, and the Andy Citrin team was determined to get fair compensation for both of them.

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Andy Citrin Explores Every Option—and Gets Results

Once the Citrin team began their investigation, they made some important discoveries.

The Andy Citrin team quickly got to work building Kerri and Chad’s case. Their claim against the at-fault driver went to a jury trial, where attorney Andy Citrin was able to win nearly $50,000 on their behalf successfully—a victory not only for the firm but for Kerri and Chad, as well.

However, this amount was a mere fraction of what Kerri and Chad deserved. Fortunately, the other avenues of recovery—Kerri’s UIM policy and the product liability claim against her car company—were still available. In fact, the Andy Citrin team is still fighting for Kerri and Chad to this day, continuing to pursue fair compensation for their suffering from the companies that had a duty to protect their clients and customers.

While the pandemic may have slowed certain aspects of life, it hasn’t dampened Andy Citrin’s determination or tenacity to fight for the injured people he represents. Kerri, Chad, and their legal team are optimistic about the outcomes of their other lawsuits.

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