Lisa was driving I-10 to work. The commute should have been just like any other morning. The only difference was that today, the driver of a work truck would change her life.

She was on the Bayway side when she saw brake lights. She slowed to around 30 mph, leaving a few car lengths between her and the vehicle ahead. That’s when a driver rear-ended Lisa at speeds nearing 65 mph. Upon impact, her body hit the steering wheel and her knees hit the dash.

Lisa was grateful to be have survived the accident. The pain started shortly after.

Devastating Injuries Bring a Long Career to a Painful End

Lisa used to enjoy the long hours spent at her job. After spending years as a truck driver, she managed drivers for a transportation company, and she exceled. That all changed after the accident.

Initially, Lisa didn’t think the injury was that bad. But the pain she felt shortly after the accident only got worse, and the initial MRIs and x-rays didn’t reveal the cause of her pain. Lisa had had some trouble with her back in the past, and the accident brought all that pain back. Eventually, the pain got so bad that she couldn’t sit, stand, or lay down for more than 10 minutes at a time.

After multiple rounds of tests, the doctors identified problems in some of the vertebrae in her back. She would need major surgery if she had hope of a pain-free life. Her medical team did the procedure as soon as possible, but Lisa was still in tremendous pain. Her feet were numb. She couldn’t bend over. She lost the ability to drive a car. She couldn’t walk short distances without a break. Even her gardening, which had been a relaxing pastime, became difficult. A back brace and cane would accompany her for even simple chores around the house.

Initially, Lisa relied on short-term disability while she recovered. But as her pain persisted, it was clear she would need long-term disability support. But her body was no longer up for grueling 50-hour weeks that her position required. Eventually, she had to turn to Social Security Disability, giving up on the career she cared so much about.

Medical Problems Aren’t the Only Hurdle to Recovery

The insurance company only offered Lisa a fraction of what she needed to cover her medical bills—not to mention her costs. Frustrated, Lisa knew her case was too big to handle alone. So, she contacted an attorney from another firm to get help.

They heard her case and told her to take the settlement on the table. Despite the facts of the case, they didn’t believe they could get more than the insurance company offered, though it wouldn’t even cover half of her medical expenses from the accident.

The pain and suffering, stress, inability to work, and other factors amounted to much more. Lisa knew she deserved more out of her case—and her legal team. She decided to find new representation and called Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Steps in to Fight for Lisa

Our team knew Lisa deserved more, so we got to work at once. Providing evidence was a complex process; to complicate things even more, the driver that hurt Lisa was on the job, but the company wasn’t from Alabama, and their insurance company wasn’t willing to offer Lisa a reasonable settlement.

We were unwilling to back down and accept an offer that didn’t cover the cost of Lisa’s care, her lost wages, pain and suffering, and all the other expenses she should never have to pay. Our team began to prepare for court.

But when the start date of the trial was just around the corner, faced with the case we helped Lisa build, the insurance company made a last-minute settlement offer.

It was 15 times higher than the initial settlement offer—and it more than covered Lisa’s costs. Satisfied, Lisa accepted.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for the Money You Deserve

Our team took the time to help Lisa and demand a fair offer from the insurance company. We believed her when she said there was more to her case and did the work to show she was right.

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