As a nurse, Cheryl spent much of her time caring for other people. She never expected that a car accident just a few days before Christmas would make her the one who needed medical care.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

Cheryl knew she needed help in the face of not only her injuries, but the endless tests and mounting medical bills. She decided to call Andy Citrin, and this is her story.

A Simple Drive Turns into an Unavoidable Accident

Cheryl was driving along a county road, going about 55 miles per hour. She began to drive through an intersection with another county road, assuming any cross traffic would observe its stop sign.

Suddenly, another car was directly in her path, forcing Cheryl to T-bone the vehicle and sending both cars off the road toward a ditch. As it turned out, the other driver hadn’t observed the stop sign, and Cheryl had no option but to plow into it as it entered the intersection.

Both vehicles had extensive damage, and both drivers were injured, but alive. Cheryl couldn’t have known the barrage of tests and treatments that were about to take over her life.

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Cheryl’s Serious Injuries Mean Numerous Medical Tests and Lots of Missed Work

Cheryl suffered the worst of the injuries. She was rushed to the hospital for pain in her head, neck, wrist, chest, and abdomen, then transferred to another hospital due to the level of her trauma.

Understandably, the doctors wanted to run a range of tests. Cheryl had head pain and even lost consciousness at one point. Multiple CT scans and x-rays made it clear that her arm and sternum were fractured, and she had wounds and bruising on her head and abdomen. She also had pain in her knee, ankle, and foot.

These weren’t the sort of injuries that healed in a few days, but instead needed time and physical therapy. Cheryl couldn’t work for about two months, costing her thousands of dollars in missed wages. Add that to tens of thousands in medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses, and Cheryl was paying dearly for a car accident that wasn’t in any way her fault.

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The Citrin Team Recovers the Compensation Cheryl Deserves

It was clear that the other driver was 100% at fault for blowing through a stop sign and causing this accident. The police report, witness statements, and accounts of drivers involved supported Cheryl’s claim for full compensation to cover her significant medical costs and lost wages.

Our team expertly helped Cheryl navigate the complex world of insurance claims and build a solid case. It was extremely helpful to our legal team that Cheryl was patient with the slower parts of the legal process and open to the advice we offered as legal professionals. Further, as a nurse, she had medical knowledge that helped us all have a better understanding of her injuries.

Ultimately, we secured a $70,000 settlement for Cheryl, saving her the hassle of going to trial and having to rehash all her injuries and challenges again—not to mention the accident itself. The compensation will bring her peace of mind through her ongoing healing.


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