The night was dark but clear. Matthew was on his way home from his shift as a restaurant manager, taking a route he’d driven hundreds of times before. He was driving east along I-10 in Mississippi when he changed lanes. Matthew had no way of knowing that this lane change was about to change his life forever.

As he moved into the right lane, Matthew drifted slightly onto the shoulder. Suddenly, his small SUV struck something, seemingly out of nowhere. He’d driven into the back of a semi-truck that was illegally parked on the side of the highway. Matthew and his vehicle were crushed during the impact.

Matthew Suffers Devastating Injuries From Head to Toe

Matthew sustained catastrophic injuries in the crash and needed intensive, emergency medical care. Doctors diagnosed injuries from head to toe:

His medical team rushed to stabilize him, caring for his internal organ damage, rebuilding his kneecap with 18 screws, and monitoring his fragile medical condition. Matthew was sedated for several days while doctors tended to his injuries.

One of the most terrifying aspects of Matthew’s injury was the amount of swelling he suffered due to his punctured lungs. Because his body was so inflated, it was impossible to perform several of the necessary surgeries until much later, if they could at all. In the case of his completely broken upper arm, the doctors decided Matthew was too weak to undergo surgery at all, leaving the bone to heal naturally.

During this time, Matthew was immobilized in the hospital. He lost 40 pounds. He couldn’t eat or drink. His body was in constant pain, and the insurance company was trying to shift blame to him. Feeling hopeless and wanting justice, Matthew knew he needed help. That’s when he called Andy Citrin.

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The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Team Works Fast and Gets Results

When victims suffer complex injuries like Matthew, they need a truck wreck attorney who understands Mississippi’s laws, medicine and the human body, and the art of valuing a catastrophic injury claim. In Matthew’s case, his ongoing injuries, persistent grief, and loss of income quickly added up. After over two months in the hospital, he’d lost his health, his career, and his dream of owning his own restaurant.

What made his circumstance even more challenging was that the doctors were unable to repair every injury the way they usually would because his body was too fragile. His healing times were different than a “normal” broken arm or leg, and he’d need medical care and home help for the rest of his life. It was clear he needed compensation.

During our investigation, our team discovered multiple violations on the part of the semi-truck driver who left their vehicle parked on the side of the highway. Not only was there a rest stop where they could have safely parked just a short way away, but they didn’t set up appropriate warning lamps or flares to let drivers like Matthew know to avoid the area. The truck driver could have prevented Matthew’s injuries with just a few simple precautions.

Next, the Andy Citrin team carefully calculated the value of Matthew’s physical, mental, and emotional injuries. We aggressively negotiated with the insurance company and their attorneys, demanding fair compensation for Matthew’s profound injuries.

After months of hard work and investigations, Matthew and the insurance company agreed to settle for $292,500.00. With the financial resources he needs for his medical care, Matthew can move forward with his healing process.

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