On a bright Friday morning, Ashley and his family were headed to the country. He was excited to ride his new motorcycle, while his wife, Victoria, and their young daughter followed in their car. When Victoria stopped for gas, Ashley continued on. He was about ten minutes ahead of them when he noticed a Subaru driving way too fast coming up from behind him. The SUV was swerving all over the road, passing other cars. Ashley, who was going the speed limit, 45 miles per hour, pulled as far over onto the shoulder as he could to stay safe, but he could not avoid the car crash.

The vehicle struck him from behind 85 miles per hour. Ashley’s new motorcycle was pinned under the front of the car; he was trapped on the hood. He was stuck there for a tenth of a mile before the driver shook him off in the middle of the road and fled. The hit-and-run driver dragged Ashley’s bike for nearly three miles.

Ashley Suffers Catastrophic Injuries and Needs Extensive Treatment

Fortunately, two nurses drove by spotted and his body in the road. They diverted traffic, checked his vitals, called 911, and made sure he was alive. As they tended to Ashley, his wife approached the crash scene. Victoria suddenly noticed her husband’s helmet and shoes on the side of the road. Their daughter, who was five at the time, asked, “Is my daddy dead?”

As they waited for the police and an ambulance, one of the nurses pulled Victoria aside, saying, “you’re going to need to call a lawyer.”

At the hospital, Ashley’s family learned the extent of his injuries. His doctors rattled off a long list of injuries:

His bowels shut down, and he needed extensive care to survive. Andy Citrin’s number was the only Victoria could remember, 251-888-8888, so she gave him a call.

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Andy and Ashley Work Together to Get Answers and Justice

When Andy Citrin himself showed up to Ashley’s hospital room, he presented Ashley with his options practically and realistically. He was frank about what Ashley would likely need, the amount of time it would take, and the aggressive tactics they would need to employ. Andy gave this advice while looking Ashley level in the eye, with no games or sweet-talking. Just the honest truth. That’s when Ashley knew he could trust Andy to fight for him.

A hardworking man, it was important to Ashley that he remain involved in his case. Once he could get out of bed and move around, he went with Andy to meetings so he could see for himself what was going on. Andy and his paralegal made sure Ashley and Victoria understood every option they had, and were fully informed about their choices. Ashley appreciated the level of involvement Andy encouraged him to take as they pursued his case.

During the investigative process, Ashley, Victoria, and the Andy Citrin team learned some disturbing details about the driver’s actions before the crash. The driver had visited and been over-served by three bars before crashing into Ashley’s motorcycle.

Fortunately, the Citrin team was able to subpoena and preserve surveillance footage from a nearby gas station as the car passed. Following the smell of leaking anti-freeze, they were able to find the wrecked car —and the person who hit Ashley. They discovered that the hit-and-run driver had also tried to hide his damaged car under a tarp in the yard.

In addition to taking action against the dangerous driver and the three bars, Andy and his team also had to sue Ashley and Victoria’s insurance to get compensation for Ashley’s injuries and damaged bike. Although they had excellent insurance coverage and had been customers for years, the policies “stacked” in a way that made it extremely difficult for them to receive payments. However, Andy knew exactly what to do to make sure their family had the funds they needed to cover Ashley’s expenses.

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A Tenacious Approach Yields Results

After over a year of fighting, all Andy and Ashley’s hard work paid off. They secured the largest hand-to-hand settlement for a victim in the firm’s history. Andy also was able to reduce some of Ashely’s medical bills.

While Ashley and Victoria were extremely pleased with the outcome, they were as grateful for the support and friendship they developed with Andy as they worked on the case. Andy and his team were there during some of their lowest moments.

When he visited, Andy spent time with their daughter and helped her understand what was going on with her dad. Ashley and Victoria always felt that Andy was sincere in his desire to help and that everything he did was with their best interest in mind. And they could tell that the high standard of representation Andy held for himself was true of every attorney at the firm, from the attorneys and paralegals to the receptionist, the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team was always there for them.

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