Betty was ready to go home. After a successful trip to Walmart, she was waiting to pull into traffic on US-98, patiently looking for a break in the cars. She edged forward, noticing a van behind her in the driveway. She stopped again, waiting for the traffic to pass, but the van behind her did not. It crashed into the back of Betty’s small SUV. Betty, who was 77 at the time, felt immediate pain in her back and neck as her body slammed forward.

Betty’s Injuries Cause Persistent Pain

While Betty thankfully did not need to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, she knew something wasn’t right. She drove to the hospital right away to get checked out.

Thankfully, Betty didn’t have any “major” injuries, but she wasn’t in good shape. The rear-end collision caused damage that made her daily life extraordinarily painful and difficult. Her doctors diagnosed multiple conditions, including muscle strains in her neck and back. Due to her injuries, Betty experienced dizziness, nausea, headaches, and extreme back pain.

Betty did her best to get better, undergoing multiple medical tests and procedures, including x-rays, an MRI, and spinal injections. As a retiree, Betty knew she would need help paying for all of her medical bills and vehicle repairs. To make matters worse, her quality of life had decreased dramatically, and she needed help with even simple tasks.

Feeling alone and overwhelmed, Betty remembered Andy Citrin’s promise to fight for car crash victims. She called the firm to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about her options.

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The Andy Citrin Team Empowers and Educates Betty

When Betty consulted with the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team, she learned there were steps she could take to protect her case. One of the most important ones was to keep a daily record of her pain to help her lawyer and the insurance company understand how the crash impacted her life. Betty’s daily nausea, headaches, and pain from the collision limited her ability to take part in her daily activities and significantly worsened her quality of life.

This simple step helped her regain some control. She also felt confident in the Andy Citrin team’s ability to fight for her and trusted them to help her get a fair settlement. Betty’s injury lawyers demanded compensation that would cover the cost of her medical bills, and make sure she had what she needed to live a comfortable life that was as pain-free as possible.

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Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Gets Results for Betty

After months of tracking her pain, countless doctor’s appointments, and corresponding with the other driver’s insurance company, Betty and her legal team arrived at a fair settlement. Through strategic negotiations, they were able to settle for over $10,000 — an amount that more than covered Betty’s medical expenses.

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we have decades of experience fighting for injury victims who have survived accidents big and small. In fact, Betty isn’t the first victim of a rear-end collision that we’ve won for — we helped college student Brian get his life back on track after getting rear-ended on his way to school.

Were You Hurt in a Rear-End Collision? The Andy Citrin Team Can Help

Seemingly “routine” car crashes, like the rear-end collision that Betty experienced, can change your life forever. You may not have broken a bone, but that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to compensation for all the ways you have suffered. If you, like Betty, are struggling to recover after a crash, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

We can meet with you in a free, confidential meeting to meet you, learn about your case, and help you understand what to do next. Our firm has recovered hundreds of millions for victims just like you in Alabama and Mississippi, and are ready to hear your story. To schedule your consultation with our team, call us today at  (251) 888-8888 or complete our brief online contact form.

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