A Meal on the Road Nearly Turns Deadly

Kelly was a safe driver who’d done everything right. So when a van swerved across the center line and into her lane, she honked her horn, tried to get out of the way, and slowed down — but it wasn’t enough. The oncoming car crashed into her 2017 Highlander, totaling her vehicle and trapping her inside. The cause? The other motorist was attempting to eat and drive.

At the scene, it was clear that Kelly was severely injured. After the Bayou La Batre Fire Department cut her out of her totaled vehicle, she was rushed to the Providence Hospital Emergency Room. There, she was diagnosed with strain, pain, and impact damage in virtually every part of her body. The worst of her injuries included a sprained neck, gashes in her feet (which were both severely sprained), and pain in her arm and shoulder. The doctors sent her home with care instructions she could do herself and follow-up orders with an orthopedic physician.

Everyone thought Kelly would heal fine. She was getting married a few months later in Jamaica and was obviously looking forward to a relaxing celebration with family and friends. Still shaken, Kelly was eager to put the accident behind her.

Kelly’s Injuries Go From Bad to Worse

At home, rather than improving as anticipated, Kelly’s condition steadily declined. Pain in her arm and shoulder worsened, making work a challenge and sleep next to impossible. Her right foot would not heal — making wearing shoes, walking, and even standing extremely painful. Physical therapy didn’t help either condition, so Kelly was forced to wear a boot on her foot and undergo excruciating surgery on her shoulder. A few months and many tests later, doctors diagnosed Kelly with a lisfranc tarsometatarsal dislocation in her right foot. The bones in her foot were coming apart, and Kelly needed yet another corrective surgery to repair the damage.

Her wedding, which was supposed to be a relaxing celebration, was spent in a boot. She could barely work, and when she did, it was under severe pain and distress.

Medical bills were piling up, and Kelly knew she needed help. That’s when she called the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys.

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At the End of Her Rope, Kelly Calls the Andy Citrin Team for Help

When the team met with Kelly, it was immediately clear that she was in terrible shape. Devastating physical injuries made everything from major celebrations to the minutia of daily life a nightmare. Additionally, Kelly had lost her sense of safety in the world. Daily activities, especially driving, were all laced with the fear of another terrible accident. We knew we had to fight for her.

Our team immediately went to work assessing the extensive catalog of medical bills, paperwork, doctors’ notes, and other evidence. Based on the overwhelming evidence, we knew Kelly deserved the highest amount of compensation, which was $100,000. So we demanded that the other driver’s insurance pay for the pain and damages inflicted by their insured negligent driver.

Because of our reputation for aggressive representation, the insurance company agreed to our demands rather than going to trial. In the end, Kelly took home nearly $60,000, which more than covered her medical bills and expenses.

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