It was Easter Sunday, and Linda had just one wish: to spend a little quality time with her son fishing. After dinner, they took their lawn chairs down to the canal and waited for something to bite. A few minutes into what should have been a relaxing evening on the water, their fishing was interrupted by the unthinkable—an enormous, speeding boat heading straight for the shore where they sat.

As the boat crashed into the shore, Linda only just managed to get out of the way in time to avoid being crushed. The boat was so close to her that she could have reached out and touched it as she fell.

The Boat Driver Verbally Abuses Linda and Her Son

Initially, Linda has simply relieved to be alive. She had heard of a recent boat collision where a fisherman had not been as lucky. However, the boat’s driver approached her and son aggressively. He called them names and threatened them, claiming that the boat’s autopilot system had failed, causing the crash.

While waiting for the police, a friend of the boat’s driver appeared and started clearing bags of empty beer bottles out of the boat. Linda and her son acted quickly and began taking pictures and videos of these events. She also reported the bottle-filled bags to the police when they arrived.

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Linda’s Injury Worsens, Concern Grows

By the time Linda got home, her leg and knee were incredibly painful and swollen. The lawn chair she had been sitting in had tipped backward during the crash, and she had landed on one knee in the scramble. While remarkably active for her age, the injury caused debilitating pain throughout her body. She knew something was wrong and went to the doctor right away.

Unfortunately, when Linda contacted the boat owner’s insurance company, that’s when her problems really began. Although the boat’s driver had been cited for drunk boating and was clearly at fault, he was not the owner of the boat. Initially, the insurance company argued that the driver had taken the boat without permission—and the crash wasn’t covered. Then, it changed its story, saying that the driver had been hired to work on the boat.

That’s when Linda knew she needed help. The crash had been terrifying. And the insurance company and boat owner were doing all they could to avoid paying her a fair settlement. Fortunately, Linda trusted the Andy Citrin team with her case, and they got to work right away.

A Relentless Investigation Uncovers Drunken Boating and Lies

The team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys wasn’t impressed by all the excuses. They knew that the boat’s autopilot system hadn’t failed—due to heavy boat traffic, you aren’t supposed to use those systems in the canal. They also knew that the boater hadn’t been working on the boat on Easter Sunday, especially with a boat filled with empty beer bottles.

Through a careful investigation, and strategic, tenacious negotiations with the insurance company, we were able to get Linda a fair settlement that not only covered her medical bills and accounted for pain and suffering.

Linda was grateful for all of our help. “I’m lucky to be alive,” she notes. “But, without them, I couldn’t have done it.”

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