Marshalle had just gotten off work late one evening and was driving out to pick up some cough medicine for her son. It was a familiar stretch of Airport Boulevard that she’d driven countless times before. This time, however, would end very differently.

While traveling westbound near the airport, Marshalle was rear-ended by a teenager driver and her mother. But what was almost as shocking as the crash itself was the way she was treated after pulling over.

The Family of the At-Fault Driver Tries to Pass the Blame

Marshalle had done nothing wrong. But that didn’t stop the mother of the at-fault driver from verbally accosting her, swearing, and trying to threaten her into making a deal. The verbal abuse continued after the responding officer (who did nothing to stop it) arrived on the scene. Marshalle even ran into the mother of the driver at the store later on, and was harassed again.

The at-fault driver, it turned out, was uninsured. On top of that, the family called Marshalle’s insurance company and tried to make it sound like she was the one who caused the crash.

Marshalle, an Air Force veteran, felt helpless. She knew she needed to call an attorney.

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Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Step in to Fight for Marshalle

The accident did significant damage to Marshalle’s vehicle, and left her suffering from neck pain, back pain, and headaches. She went to the hospital the next day to get her injuries checked out and started a treatment plan with a chiropractor. Her medical bills began to pile up.

Unfortunately, the driver’s uninsured status put Marshalle in a tough position. Because the at-fault driver was uninsured, she couldn’t get liability coverage. And her own insurance company was only offering her $1,000 for medical bills—far less than what she needed to cover her costs. Marshalle needed to know if anything else could be done, so she turned to the Andy Citrin team.

Upon investigation, we discovered her uninsured motorist insurance had adequate coverage limits. But in order to get fair compensation, she needed to prove that the accident wasn’t her fault, that the driver who caused the crash was uninsured, and that her damages were legitimate—a tough challenge, considering how adamant the other driver was that Marshalle was actually to blame.

Unafraid of a challenge, the Andy Citrin team got to work building Marshalle’s case. We worked quickly to gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and demand a fair settlement offer.  Through hard work, determination, and our won’t-back-down-approach, our team was ultimately able to settle the case for $18,000—18 times the amount that she had been offered originally.

“Andy believed in me. He believed me. He listened to me. He fought for me. And he won for me.” -Marshalle E.

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No one should feel helpless after a crash—especially when they’ve done nothing wrong. Whether your bills end up in the tens of thousands or the millions, you deserve fair compensation and closure. If you or someone you love is in this kind of situation, our team is ready to fight for you, just like we fought for Marshelle.

We were proud to fight for Marshelle, and for anyone else who has been in an accident and isn’t getting a fair deal from an insurance company refusing to pay up.

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