It should have been a simple turn. Lisa was approaching a stop sign as another car was turning right onto her road. Suddenly, the other driver crossed the middle line and struck her car head-on. The crash was powerful enough to deploy both vehicles’ airbags and make them undrivable. When the police arrived at the scene, they quickly arrested the other driver for a DUI.

Immediately after the accident, Lisa thought that she was uninjured. However, within a week, she was suffering from severe head, shoulder, and upper back pain. Even though she didn’t have health insurance, Lisa went to the ER for help.

Lisa’s Pain Made It Difficult to Work and Do Her Daily Routine

Her doctors examined Lisa’s back and head and ordered x-rays. They diagnosed her with severe muscle spasms and soft tissue injuries from the collision. Unfortunately, because Lisa didn’t have health insurance, her options were limited – she couldn’t afford to pay for specialists or a lot of testing. She was prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication, which did not seem to help.

Before the crash, Lisa enjoyed her fast-paced job as a server at a local restaurant. She was on her feet constantly, carrying heavy trays and bending to clean tables. Her back and shoulder injuries made her work nearly impossible, although she did her best. She now dreaded going to work, due to pain, headaches, and shortness of breath.

It was then Lisa knew she needed help. She knew of Andy Citrin’s reputation and willingness to stand up for drunk driving victims, and gave his Daphne office a call.

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The Andy Citrin Team Gets Results and Provides a Remarkable Client Experience

As soon as Lisa signed on as our client, we went right to work. We quickly discovered that the other driver was facing felony drunk driving charges. Due to his blatant disregard for safety and level of intoxication, our team decided that punitive damages were appropriate in Lisa’s case. Unlike other damages, which compensate you for your medical bills, lost income, or pain and suffering, punitive damages aim to punish a driver for their intentional or highly reckless behavior. They are only available in the most serious cases.

Luckily, we also discovered that the drunk driver had insurance. Our team quickly filed a claim on Lisa’s behalf and demanded fair compensation for her injuries. Due to our quick work and tenacity, the insurance company agreed to compensate Lisa for her injuries, damages, and suffering. They offered a payout of $25,000 — more than enough to cover her medical bills and damages.

Lisa had this to say about working with the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team, “Brad Kittrell and his paralegal Sarah went above and beyond handling my case. While they work at the Mobile office, they always came to the Daphne office, since I live in Daphne.”

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