Michael Suffers Serious Injuries Due to a Company’s Negligence

On his way to an appointment, Michael T. suffered a severe, disabling injury because of a company’s negligence. Unfortunately, Michael had pre-existing conditions that complicated his recovery, and he faced a difficult and uncertain path forward. (Due to a confidentiality agreement, neither Michael nor Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys can discuss the specific details of his claim and injuries.)

Overwhelmed by his medical bills and insurance claims, Michael contacted Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys for help.

The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Team Carefully Prepares Michael’s Case for Trial

Michael’s injury claims required a thoughtful analysis and a detailed investigation. In addition to working closely with Michael and his family, Attorney Andy Citrin and his team consulted with numerous experts, including doctors, a life care planner, and safety specialists. As the team reviewed Michael’s evidence, it became clear that his injuries could have been easily avoided.

Unfortunately, the at-fault organization and its insurance company refused to acknowledge their mistakes and make a reasonable settlement offer. Rather than back down and accept an unfair settlement, Michael and the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys prepared for trial.

On the first day of trial, Andy and his team arrived prepared and ready to fight. They had arranged for an ambulance to transport Michael to the courthouse so the jury could see his injuries first hand. The team also had a witness list packed with experts and eyewitnesses who supported Michael’s claims and could help the jury understand his need for ongoing medical care and assistance. The Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys litigation team aggressively dissected the defense’s arguments and allegations one by one.

After several days of trial, the insurance company presented a new settlement offer. This offer was more than twice the amount the company had offered before the trial began.

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Michael and His Family Get More Than a Fair Settlement — They Also Receive Compassion and Guidance

Throughout the lawsuit and trial processes, Michael and his family received regular updates from his legal team about his case. Sometimes, Michael talked to his attorneys every day, learning more about Alabama injury law and his legal options.

However, even now that the trial is over and Michael has his settlement, he knows the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team is still in his corner. The lawyers and staff at the firm continue to check in regularly with Michael to see if he needs any help.

The whole family appreciates the support. Michael’s mother praises Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, saying that “[Andy] went above and beyond the call of duty.”

“Even though the trial is over, they still call and check on us, ask us what we need,” she says. “I mean, they’re still there! It’s amazing!”

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