An Early Morning Drive Home Takes a Turn for the Worse

Jasmine thought the driving was strange. The car in front of her weaved between lanes and seemed erratic. Jasmine slowed down, but her caution wasn’t enough. The car made a hasty U-turn and plowed into Jasmine’s vehicle head-on.

Shaken up, Jasmine got out of the car. The other driver approached her; he was clearly intoxicated. Distraught and incoherent, he repeatedly tried to apologize, shake Jasmine’s hand, and even hug her. It was dark out, and Jasmine felt anxious and deeply uncomfortable until the authorities arrived. The other driver received a DUI, and the police took him into custody.

Stress and Bills Pile Up After the Crash

Since the collision happened in the early hours of the morning, Jasmine went to the emergency room at Springhill Memorial early the next day. Fortunately, Jasmine hadn’t suffered any broken bones, but she had sustained painful cuts, and she felt a lot of pain coming from her neck and head. The ER doctor told Jasmine to see a chiropractor and visit an orthopedic clinic for help with recovery and pain management.

Jasmine knew all this treatment would be expensive. And on top of her physical wounds and the costly treatment, Jasmine’s car had been destroyed in the accident. The financial burden after the crash began to feel overwhelming.

Since Jasmine was temporarily unable to work, she knew she needed help to recover both physically and financially. Jasmine had heard about the Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys team, and she knew they had a reputation for getting results. Rather than continue to suffer under an avalanche of expenses and pain, Jasmine called the Andy Citrin team for help.

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The Andy Citrin Team Demands Justice for Jasmine

Our team knew the stakes were high for Jasmine. She couldn’t handle any more expenses or stress. So, we immediately got to work analyzing and investigating Jasmine’s case.

We discovered that the driver who hit Jasmine had violated numerous safe driving laws on top of driving under the influence. Our team put together an aggressive demand package that would cover Jasmine’s medical bills, pay for the cost of replacing her vehicle, and compensate her for her pain and suffering.

Because the Andy Citrin team has a reputation for fighting aggressively and winning, the insurance company knew it had to take Jasmine’s claim seriously. We were able to help Jasmine successfully settle her case for $42,500 — enough to cover her bills and the cost of a replacement vehicle. Jasmine felt relieved and grateful to finally get closure and receive the compensation she needed to get her life back on track.

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