Russell is an experienced and responsible driver who owns and operates a truck driving school. On a crisp December morning, he was pulling into the school to begin his workday. While stopped in the turn lane, he heard a loud bang and felt two sharp impacts. Someone had crashed into his truck from behind.

As Russell tried to get out of his vehicle, he found that he couldn’t move due to severe back pain. He shouted at the other driver, who was trying to flee the scene, to call an ambulance. The driver’s reply?

“I don’t have insurance.”

When the police arrived at the scene, they explained what happened to Russell. While he was waiting to turn, a Chevy Tahoe lined up in the turn lane behind him. A third vehicle smashed into the Tahoe. Due to the speed and force of the collision, Russell’s truck had been repeatedly hit.

Russell’s Low Back Pain Worsens and Keeps Him Off the Road

Immediately after the collision, Russell went to the emergency room. Initially, the doctors told him that he just needed to rest and take some medications, including a muscle relaxer and painkillers. He hoped that with a little rest, his back pain would resolve. It didn’t.

Over the next several months, his pain increased. Russell experienced sharp pain and numbness in his left leg and persistent pain in his lower back that made virtually every activity excruciatingly painful. The medications weren’t as effective as he’d hoped, and his doctors ordered more and more tests to help understand what was going on.

“He got me a check in time… I still have my business. I still run the driving school. It was really good to have Andy in my corner. I’d refer him to anybody.”–Russell

His MRIs showed degenerative changes, as well as bulging and herniated discs in his low back. Russell tried injections and physical therapy, desperate to get back to his normal life and work. His growing medical bills were also starting to make Russell worry.

In addition to teaching at the driving school, Russell owned his own trucking business. He couldn’t drive because his medication’s side effects made getting behind the wheel risky. So, during the busiest, most profitable driving season of the year, Russell was sidelined. It soon became clear that Russell would lose his business if he didn’t get help soon.

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Russell Goes to Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys for Help

Russell was in a desperate situation. He knew he needed someone who would fight for him, so he started researching injury lawyers. Impressed by Andy Citrin’s aggressive and winning approach, he contacted our office and provided us with his police report.

We quickly went into action, investigating Russell’s legal claims. We discovered that the accident was covered by insurance, including Russell’s uninsured/underinsured motorist policies. There was also evidence that the at-fault driver was severely impaired at the time of the crash.

Our team knew that Russell didn’t have time to wait. We rapidly negotiated a settlement that helped him pay his medical bills and save his business.

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Sometimes people think that at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we’re out to get truckers. That’s not the case! We take a hard stance when it comes to reckless driving, no matter who is to blame. That’s why we’re proud to fight for responsible truck drivers, like Russell, who need our help after a crash.

If an unsafe driver hurt you or someone you love, you should never have to pay for your own medical bills or risk losing your livelihood because of their mistake. To learn more about how the Andy Citrin team can fight for you, schedule your free consultation today.

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