At 81 years old, Barbara lived an independent and active life. She never anticipated that a routine trip to a local superstore would change her life. As Barbara stood at the meat counter, a few employees were messing around while wheeling a large metal shelving unit filled with large metal pans and trays.

As they passed behind Barbara, the shelving unit tipped, causing a large metal pan to crash into the back of her right leg. Her pain was immediate, intense, and shot up her leg. Instead of letting her go to the doctor, the store held Barbara so they could fill out lengthy claim paperwork as she sat in the office in agony.

Barbara’s Injuries Worsen, and She’s Denied Help From a Different Attorney

As soon as the superstore’s management released her, Barbara went to see the doctor. They diagnosed her with a hematoma, elevated white blood count, and pain and swelling. Barbara left with painkillers and instructions to wait the pain out and keep an eye on the leg. Unfortunately, it was slow to heal.

The swelling in her leg increased, leaving her unable to wear shoes other than slippers, walk, or even sleep in her bed because the posture would put pressure on her injury. She even stopped leaving the house.

As her medical bills increased and quality of life declined, Barbara knew she needed help. She called another Mississippi attorney who was dismissive of her claim. They told her to find someone else to represent her; they estimated that her case was only worth $8,000, and didn’t think it’d be “worth it” to go up against the big-box retailer to get justice for Barbara.

That’s when Barbara called Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys’ Pascagoula office.

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The Andy Citrin Team Gets to Work and Provides Fearless Representation

Barbara knew of our team’s reputation for fearless representation. She needed someone who understood what she was going through, could accurately access her damages, and wasn’t afraid to stand up to a major retailer.

When we sat down with Barbara, we realized right away that the other lawyer had wildly underestimated her claim’s worth. In our opinion, $8,000 was not even close to the compensation she deserved.

Our staff immediately set to work collecting and preserving the evidence in her case, including medical records, hospital bills, images of her injured leg, and surveillance video from the store. At the same time, we began building the case against the company.

We had a good reason to act quickly — given the severity of her injury, it was possible that she’d live with pain for the rest of her life. In response to her injury, the leg developed a hardened mass of tissue that was excruciatingly painful. Barbara was suffering tremendous pain in isolation; securing compensation would help her heal emotionally and give her the financial resources to live a peaceful and stress-free life.

After extensive research, consideration, and investigative work, we mediated Barbara’s case. During mediation, both parties present their case to a neutral, specially trained third party (called a mediator). Then, they try to find common ground. After listening to Barbara’s case, the superstore offered her $50,000 to settle. She accepted their offer, which was more than six times the other lawyer’s valuation.

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Tenacious Approach and Results That Speak for Themselves

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we don’t mess around when it comes to your life. When you’ve suffered as Barbara did because of someone else’s bad decisions, you shouldn’t have to spend the rest of your life paying for their mistake. We take pride in our track record of fearless representation, thorough research, and client-centered approach. And if you can’t leave your house after an accident, one of our Mississippi injury attorneys will come to you.

When you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own, don’t wait to get justice. Request your free consultation from Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys today by calling 228-888-8888, or filling out our brief online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!

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