Mississippi Mottorcylce Accident LawyersMississippi is well known for having amazing roads with diverse scenery, plus its rich local culture with plenty of small towns to stop in! So, it comes as no surprise that this southern state has a flourishing motorcycle community, since it’s inspiring and perfect for adventure. However, as many Mississippi motorcycle riders are aware, navigating on two wheels versus four comes with inevitable risks.

According to the most recent data on motorcycle crashes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Mississippi is the most dangerous state in the U.S. for motorcyclists. Statistically speaking, the accumulated data from NHTSA and FHWA places the Magnolia State at the top of the list, with 14.57 fatalities per 10,000 registered motorcycles.

There are numerous factors that play into why motorcycles crash in Mississippi. Even with appropriate safety gear to protect you while driving, accidents can still happen. And when they do, a victim can be left with dreadful injuries, tremendous medical bills, or family and friends can be left without their loved one. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we feel that responsible motorcyclists shouldn’t have to pay for the careless actions of blameworthy drivers.

If you or someone you know has been negatively affected by a motorcycle accident anywhere from the Mississippi Delta and through the Blues Highway, please contact us. Our team of Mississippi motorcycle accident lawyers take the time to listen to your side, assess the evidence, and give you a free consultation about your case. With the Andy Citrin team, you don’t have to be alone during this difficult time.

What Makes Riding a Motorcycle in Mississippi So Dangerous?

Riding a motorcycle on the road is a rush that’s euphoric and thrilling, so it’s easy to understand why so many people ride around on one. But, Mississippi presents certain challenges to even the most advanced bikers. Below we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why riding a motorcycle in Mississippi is dangerous.

Weather: Throughout the state of Mississippi, the summers are hot, muggy, and long; the winters are cold, wet, and short; and it’s partly cloudy all year round. Wet or icy roads, and heat exhaustion are just some of the things that can increase the chance of a motorcycle accident in this state.

Infrastructure: According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, Mississippi’s infrastructure has been graded a D+. Nearly 40% of major roads are in poor condition, which is double the national rate. So it’s not hard to understand why Mississippi is the most unsafe state in the U.S. for people who ride motorcycles.

Economy: Mississippi’s ports support over 125,700 jobs and nearly $5.4 billion in income. With so many job opportunities and people, there’s an increase in the amount of motor vehicles on the road each year, which results in more motorcycle accidents.

Mississippi law requires mandatory helmet use for anyone on public roads and highways who operate motorcycles. Also, people who drive a motorcycle must get their helmets inspected and approved for safety by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators. Yet, even with these laws in place, there’s still a chance that a severe motorcycle accident can occur. So make sure you call Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys for a free case evaluation.

What to do After a Mississippi Motorcycle Accident

Mississippi Motorcycle Dangerous

When a traumatic experience like a motorcycle accident occurs, a person’s life can be flipped upside down instantaneously. And if the accident results in a catastrophic injury, a Mississippi motorcycle accident victim’s focus will most likely be on their recovery and loved ones. Although a personal injury attorney may not be the first thing on your mind moments after a wreck, they have the ability to get you fair compensation for your damages.

If you can, it’s a good idea to protect yourself from further harm by getting to a safe place and checking for any major injuries. Then, if you’re in a coherent state, it’s important to take the following steps:

  • Call 911 and make sure a police report is filed.
  • Take note of the damages to yourself and your motorcycle.
  • Swap information, including phone numbers and insurance information with anyone involved.
  • Meet with a doctor for an evaluation and get a copy of the medical report.
  • Gather as much evidence as possible, including: medical expenses, therapy costs, repair bills, and the clothes you had on.
  • Get in touch with an experienced Mississippi motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation.

What Will a Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do for Me?

A distinguished personal injury law firm will handle nearly every part of filing your claim. In a general sense, this means they will: gather the evidence, build a case, arrange a settlement with the insurance company, or represent you in a court of law, if need be. The educated motorcycle accident attorneys at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys will do that for you also, plus more!

When our clients have been hurt in a motorcycle wreck, we believe they need more than a lawyer to represent them. They need someone to pay close attention to what is being said, direct them, and be there in their time of need. Feel free to get in touch with our Biloxi area law office to talk with our trustworthy legal team today.

Mississippi Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near Me

Since 1986, our passionate team of Mississippi personal injury lawyers has been helping motorcycle accident victims and their families, from Biloxi to Pascagoula, and everywhere in between. When you give us a call toll-free at (228)-888-8888, we’ll take the details of your motorcycle injury case and use strategic litigation to get you the compensation you or your loved one deserves.

Riding a motorcycle should feel secure and delightful, especially since Mississippi has so many pleasing routes. But an accident can turn all the enjoyment into a living nightmare for injury victims. So, if a motorcycle Accident in Mississippi has taken you away from fun and people you love, call Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys as soon as possible, so we can help you!