We Fight for Truck Wreck Victims in Foley, Alabama

Foley’s roads and highways, especially I-10 and US-98, are filled with big rigs and commercial vehicles. While trucks are a critical part of our local economy in the Gulf Coast, they can also pose a serious threat to other motorists on the road. Careless, fatigued, and distracted truckers cause thousands of crashes on Alabama roads each year. In 2018 alone, there were 10,079 truck wrecks in Alabama, causing 121 deaths and 2,629 injuries.

If you or a loved one has been seriously hurt in a collision with a semi-truck or 18-wheeler in Foley, Alabama or Baldwin County, our experienced truck accident lawyers can help you protect your legal rights and your case.

Clients from across Alabama trust Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys to fight for them because we have the resources necessary to stand up to big trucking and insurance companies:

  • Roots in Foley, AL:  Our local team can quickly jump into action investigating your truck claim, and you can easily meet with your Foley lawyer over the phone or using video calls so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Trial-tested approach: Our team has over 30 years of experience handling and trying the most complicated and severe truck wreck cases.
  • winning track record: We’ve recovered millions in settlements and verdicts for truck crash accident victims, helping them get their lives back on track.
  • A strong reputation: Other Alabama attorneys often refer their 18-wheeler accident cases to our law firm.
  • A sophisticated approach: We know how to preserve and analyze big trucks’ black box data, logbooks, and other devices and uncover regulatory violations the trucking companies want to hide.

To find out how we can help you and what to do next, schedule a free consultation with one of our injury attorneys or call our offices at 251-888-8888.

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How  a Foley Accident Lawyer Can Help After You’ve Been Injured by a 18-Wheeler

After a wreck, the trucking company will quickly send an insurance claims adjuster or a response team to the scene to assess the damages and victims’ injuries. Their job is to limit how much the company must take responsibility for — and evidence sometimes disappears.

To fight back and protect what’s yours, you’ll need a tenacious, local truck wreck lawyer who understands your case. The big truck crash lawyers at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys understand the insurance company’s tactics, and know how to navigate the complicated process of filing your claims and negotiating a fair settlement.

Our truck accident lawyers in Foley, AL, have successfully handled complex injury claims involving 18-wheelers, delivery trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Negligent drivers should take responsibility their actions, and we work hard to build strong cases for our clients and fight to get them the compensation they deserve.

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we believe that everyone in Alabama deserves exceptional legal counsel — even if they don’t have the means to afford it. That’s why our personal injury law firm operates on a contingent-fee basis, meaning we never charge our clients any fees unless we win or settle their cases on their behalf.

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We Understand the Most Common Causes of Big Truck Accidents in Alabama

Semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, compared to a 4,000-pound passenger vehicle. Passenger car drivers and occupants often suffer more severe injuries when they get into accidents with big trucks. According to 2016 data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 64% of those who died in fatal truck crashes were the occupants of cars and passenger vehicles.

Many different factors can contribute to an 18-wheeler accident. In Alabama, the top causes for truck wrecks in 2018 included:

  • Improper lane changes, causing 1,351 crashes
  • Failure to yield the right of way, causing 923 crashes
  • Tailgating, causing 809 crashes
  • Misjudged stopping distances, causing 506 crashes
  • Defective equipment, causing 431 crashes
  • Speeding, causing at least 389 crashes
  • Drowsy and fatigued driving, causing 210 crashes
  • Drunk and drugged driving, causing 119 crashes

Sometimes, trucking companies hire inexperienced or poorly trained drivers and let them get behind the wheel. Other times, truck drivers are under pressure to deliver shipments on tight deadlines, forcing them to cut corners and drive longer than they’re allowed with few or no breaks.

No matter the reason, when a reckless driver or trucking company causes your injuries, you deserve answers and justice.

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Catastrophic Truck Accidents Demand Serious Injury Lawyers

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we understand the extreme physical and emotional pain that truck wreck victims suffer. Our team has over 30 years of experience handling big truck cases and can fight back against powerful trucking companies to get you the financial resources you need to recover.

If you have questions about your truck crash case, don’t wait to set up your free case evaluation with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers by calling 251-888-8888 or by completing our simple online contact form.

You can meet with one of our respected injury lawyers at our Foley, AL, office or any of our other locations throughout Alabama and Mississippi. We even offer phone and video consultations if you cannot safely visit our office!


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