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Wrecked car

Are Car Accident Settlements Subject To Taxes?

Nobody likes paying taxes. Taxes are a necessary evil and a part of life, but they can also be very complex the minute you step outside of the basic income taxes your job withholds every paycheck. Few things can be more confusing than the amount of taxes you need to pay on your car accident…
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Andy Citrin Named One Of 2017's Best Companies To Work For In Alabama

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys was recently named as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Alabama. This eighth annual program was created by Business Alabama and Best Companies Group. This survey and awards program was designed to identify, recognize, and honor the best employers in Alabama, benefiting the economy, workforce, and businesses. The…
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Alabama Car Wreck Attorney on Bicycle Accident Injuries

Alabama Car Wreck Attorney Discusses Why Many Bicycle Accidents Occur and How To Avoid Them

With motor vehicles and bicycles sharing the roadways in Alabama, safety and awareness is everyone’s responsibility. Collisions between bicyclists and automobiles can result in severe and sometimes fatal injuries. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that nationwide the number of bicyclist deaths related to automobile collisions increased 13 percent from 2014 to 2015, and…
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Alcohol Infant Wrongful Death

Find A Fatal Accident Attorney in Mobile Alabama To Help Your Family Recover

It is unfathomable to imagine ever losing a member of you family to an accident. The unexpected loss of a loved one could be the result of medical error or misdiagnosis, nursing home neglect, childcare provider negligence, or hazardous workplace conditions. Fatal motor vehicle crashes in Alabama are many times the cause of the sudden…
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alabama atv accident lawyer

Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer Discusses Dangers Of ATV Accidents

With summertime here and the kids out of school, Alabama residents will be spending more time the outdoors. Camping, fishing, boating, off-roading, and exploring local parks are all wonderful activities to enjoy as a family. Often these may also involve riding recreational vehicles such as ATVs and four-wheelers. While these all terrain vehicles can be…
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rear end car accident in alabama

Car Accident Lawyer Shares Tips For Avoiding Rear-End Collisions in Alabama

Overall, motor vehicle travel is significantly safer today than it was decades ago. Traffic laws and enforcement, as well as, improved safety technology and compliance have all contributed to fewer accidents and injuries on roadways across the country. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that autonomous braking systems have demonstrated effectiveness in…
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big rig accident lawyer in daphne

Hire A Top Alabama Injury Law Firm To Handle Your Big Truck Accident Claim

Being hurt in a car wreck is a frustrating, difficult and costly experience to have to go through. But if you or a loved one sustained a traumatic injury in a big truck accident, the physical and monetary toll will very likely be much more than burdensome, it may be a catastrophic blow to you…
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car wreck lawyer in Mobile

Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Liability In Motor Vehicle Crashes

When you are hurt in a wreck, the first step in deciding whether you should make an injury claim and pursue legal action to recover compensation is to identify the liable individual or parties. In some cases, the responsible party will be very clear and other times you may be uncertain who is at fault.…
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semi truck accident lawyer

Get An 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer in Mobile, AL To Protect You After An Injury

Commercial truck and tractor-trailer accident cases are vastly different from traffic crashes involving automobiles. The importance of hiring an injury attorney who has experience with the specific steps that are necessary in building a legal case for a victim of a trucking wreck cannot be understated. In these types of crashes, your attorney must know…
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5 Things You Need to Know About Alabama Wrongful Death Claims

Nothing can prepare you for the untimely loss of a loved one. If you’re reeling after a loved one’s death, you probably feel overwhelmed and may not have the strength to handle a wrongful death claim alone. Thankfully, you don’t have to. The personal injury lawyers at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys are here to help…
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Mobile Lawyer Andy Citrin Earns America’s Top 100 Attorneys Recognition

Mobile attorney Andy Citrin recently received national distinction among America’s Top 100 Attorneys. A prestigious honor in the legal field, only 100 attorneys in each state are selected for membership in the organization. Attorney Andy Citrin was distinguished from thousands of lawyers in Alabama to receive this recognition, and as an honoree he is among…
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BIg truck crash

Get A Big Truck Accident Attorney Who Will Fight For You

Like most motor vehicle accidents, crashes involving big trucks happen for multiple reasons. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure safe operation of large trucks. Commercial trucks are highly regulated by stringent safety standards including protocols for mechanical systems checks and repairs. The industry also regulates the amount of continuous travel time for truckers before they…
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attorney andy citrin

Choose A Trusted Mobile Attorney To Handle Your Personal Injury Case

Mobile attorney Andy Citrin and his entire team of personal injury lawyers are passionate about helping injured victims throughout Alabama. With decades of expertise in personal injury legal cases, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys has built a reputation for integrity and professionalism throughout the region. Since establishing our firm in 1986, we have worked tirelessly to…
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wheeler accident attorney in mobile

Alabama Big Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses Crash Injury Risks And Prevention

The average Alabama driver has a roughly one in three chance of being in an injury or fatal motor vehicle accident during the course of his lifetime according to a 2013 report by the state’s Department of Transportation. In Mobile and Baldwin counties, there were a total of 4,729 crash injuries and 103 fatalities. While…
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accident attorney in mobile

Daphne Attorney Discusses Personal Injuries From Fall Accidents

Falls may seem like minor incidents that don’t typically cause severe injuries. However, depending on the height from which you fall and the way that the fall impacts your body, you could sustain a serious injury. Falls can result neck and back injuries such as a herniated or bulging discs, broken arm, dislocated shoulder or…
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truck driving on interstate in AL

Why You Need An 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney In Mobile, AL For Your Injury Case

Semi-trucks can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries in the event of a crash. But there are many more large trucking crashes that result in damages to property and injuries that may seem minor. According to 2014 data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, big trucks were involved in 346,000 accidents with only property…
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rear end car accident in alabama

Alabama Car Wreck Attorney Shares Safety Tips To Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

The holiday season is about enjoying quality time with loved ones but with the increase in family gatherings, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, and other events it seems like we also spend a lot of time shopping. And that means we’ll all be on the road more and in and out of grocery stores, malls…
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fatal car accident Mobile

Mobile Personal Injury Lawyer Explains Defective Auto Product Liability Claims

While the majority of motor vehicles are produced with high-quality parts that have been thoroughly tested for safety according to national automotive standards, unsafe or faulty auto products can cause serious accidents and injuries. When an automobile or even recreational vehicle such as a four-wheeler has defective components that are to blame for an accident…
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Citrin law firm joins cause to honor veterans

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Participates In National Green Light A Vet Cause

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys has joined in the nationwide effort Green Light For A Vet to help show their support for active military members as well as veteran service men and women across the country and locally in the southern Alabama region. is a national campaign to recognize veterans by creating a highly visible symbol…
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slip and fall accidents

Mobile Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Premises Liability Laws

Keeping a safe environment, equipment and facilities is the responsibility of businesses, property owners and those who are in charge of managing properties, such as landlords. Premises liability laws apply to both public and private places so homeowners can be held liable for injuries that occur on their property. Shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and municipalities…
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