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pre-existing condition injury claim

Can the Insurance Company Deny My Injury Claim Due to a Pre-Existing Condition?

Getting rear-ended might sound like a minor inconvenience to most people. Your car gets bumped, and your neck feels sore the next day. But for people living with a pre-existing condition, whether it’s arthritis or a previous injury, even a fender bender can be serious. Not only are the resulting injuries painful, but they may…
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car accident claim

How to Calculate the Real Cost of Your Car Accident Claim

Financial costs of an automobile injury are very high and you may be able to receive compensation by speaking with an attorney at Citrin Law Firm.
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Alabama Wrongful Death

Alabama Wrongful Death Claims: A Guide for Grieving Families

You shouldn’t have to worry about complicated wrongful death laws and procedures when you are mourning a loved one. However, Alabama’s unique approach to wrongful death law can easily overwhelm a grieving family. Thankfully, you don’t have to fight alone. The lawyers at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys guide families through the difficult process of opening…
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personal injury settlement

When Should I Get My Personal Injury Settlement?

By the time they settle, most accident victims are ready to wrap up their claims, pay their bills, and get the closure they deserve. While most people get their settlement check within six to eight weeks, issues can arise that delay your settlement significantly. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we understand that our clients are…
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Personal Injury Claim

What Is My Alabama Personal Injury Claim Worth?

After a catastrophic personal injury, the insurance company may present you with a “reasonable” settlement offer. While a quick payout may be tempting, especially if you’re struggling with unpaid bills, the insurance company’s offer may not reflect the true value of your injury claim. In every personal injury case, two primary factors determine the worth…
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Fatal Car Accidents in Alabama

Fatal Car Accidents Are Still A Serious Concern in Alabama

Fatal Car Accidents Are Still A Major Concern in Alabama: Here’s What You Need to Know In 2016, crash fatalities skyrocketed across Alabama at an unprecedented rate. According to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), the state is still experiencing fatal vehicle accidents at a rate higher than the national average, with almost 950 occurring…
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head-on collision

A Truck Accident Victim Gets the Help She Needs: Angie’s Story

A Truck Accident Victim Gets the Help She Needs After a Head-on Collision: Angie’s Story A Head-On Collision Changes Angie’s Life Forever On an unremarkable February morning, Angie entered an intersection in Mobile, Alabama. Suddenly, a massive, fully-loaded construction truck improperly pulled into the intersection and hit her car head-on. In an instant, her life…
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Jones Act

Your Offshore Accident Claim Could Be Impacted by the Jones Act

When you’re injured offshore, traditional state workers’ compensation laws do not apply. Instead, you typically have claims under federal maritime laws, including the Jones Act. If you’re confused about how these laws apply to your claim, you’re not alone — they require a careful legal analysis and technical expertise. Thankfully, Andy Citrin and his experienced…
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Logging Truck Accidents

Why Are Alabama Logging Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Why Are Alabama Logging Truck Accidents So Dangerous? And What Should You Do After a Crash? Logging trucks are common on Alabama roads. These big trucks, packed with hundreds of pine and other softwood logs, pose a unique risk to motorists since they’re prone to rollovers and other types of truck crashes. Keep reading to…
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Maritime Accident

Can I Pick My Own Doctor After a Maritime Accident?

After a serious maritime injury, you may feel a lot of pressure. Your employer might tell you that you need to give them a statement and see their doctor. You may be worried about your unpaid bills and your need for ongoing medical care. Rather than worry about these issues, the lawyers at Andy Citrin…
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car accident

Madeline’s Story: Finding Peace After a Catastrophic Crash

Until Her Crash, Madeline Lived as an Active and Independent Woman Madeline loved to pack her days with activity. She had recently retired and was enjoying every minute of her post-career life: gardening, selling homemade jams and jellies at the farmers’ market, spending time with her friends, children, and grandchildren, and working 30 hours a…
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Alabama Bike Laws

Understanding Alabama’s Bicycle Safety Laws

As the weather warms up, more people will take advantage of the nice weather by biking. It’s a great way to commute, exercise, and have fun, but it comes with certain risks. Whether you prefer two wheels or four, it’s critical to understand Alabama bike law before hitting the road. Keep reading to learn bike…
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insurance adjuster tactics

6 Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters and How to Handle Them

After a car accident, you’ll have to negotiate your case with an insurance claims adjuster. Also called an insurance adjuster, claims representative, or insurance consultant, these employees go by various names, but they always have the same goal: to make your claim disappear as quickly and cheaply as possible. In this article, we’ll talk about…
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Michael T Client Story

Michael T.’s Story: An Injured Victim Demands Justice With Help From Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys

Michael Suffers Serious Injuries Due to a Company’s Negligence On his way to an appointment, Michael T. suffered a severe, disabling injury because of a company’s negligence. Unfortunately, Michael had pre-existing conditions that complicated his recovery, and he faced a difficult and uncertain path forward. (Due to a confidentiality agreement, neither Michael nor Andy Citrin…
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Drunk Driving Injury Lawyer

Did a Drunk or Drugged Driver Cause Your Crash? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you see someone veering all over the road, you likely assume they’re drunk, but there’s a good chance the driver’s impairment is at least partially due to drug use. As drug and alcohol use grows, our roads are becoming more dangerous. In this article, Andy Citrin explains the drugged driving problem, and what you…
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How Long Do I Have to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Alabama?

After being injured in a car accident, thinking about putting your life back together can feel impossible. If you believe your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, it can be hard to think about taking action when you’re still healing from a traumatic car accident. You might want to put off seeking justice…
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Alabama Is Not a No-Fault State — Here’s What That Means if You Get in a Car Accident

Unlike some states, Alabama uses a fault-based system for auto insurance claims. When someone causes a car accident in our state, their insurance company typically must pay for the victims’ losses. However, as with any injury claim, things are more complicated than they seem. In this article, we’ll break down the basics of Alabama auto…
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distracted driving alabama

Alabama’s Distracted Driving Laws Don’t Work

Alabama’s Distracted Driving Laws Don’t Work — Contact Citrin Law Firm if You’ve Been Injured in a Wreck Like most states, Alabama has a law that limits texting and driving. But even though the police can stop you for texting while driving in our state, this law hasn’t reduced the number of fatal distracted driving…
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Delivery Truck Accidents: Who Is Responsible for My Injuries?

Who Pays When Delivery Trucks Cause Injuries?

Who Pays When Delivery Trucks Cause Injuries in Alabama? As home delivery services like Amazon and Shipt increase in popularity, our roads are becoming more congested with delivery trucks. Often, the drivers of these trucks work under tight deadlines and intense pressure from their employers. These factors inevitably lead to aggressive driving, distraction, and crashes.…
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“Mild” Traumatic Brain Injuries Can Cause Life-Changing Symptoms — and You Deserve Compensation

After a serious car accident, slip and fall, or another personal injury, many victims report headaches, problems concentrating, and other symptoms associated with a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unfortunately, even a “mild” TBI can change your life forever. Keep reading to learn more about these complicated injuries and find out about Andy Citrin Injury…
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