How Do Many Motorcycle Crashes Happen in Alabama?

December 16, 2021
  1. 1. Understand These 4 Causes of Alabama Motorcycle Accidents
  2. 2. Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident
  3. 3. What to Do After Motorcycle Accidents Occur
  4. 4. Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Fights Back for Injured Motorcyclists in Mobile, Alabama

Staying cautious while operating a motorcycle is important, but sometimes accidents happen that are beyond even the most experienced biker’s control. Understanding what causes many of these motorcycle accidents to happen can help keep you safe, understand your options, and protect your rights if you are ever hurt by someone else’s mistake.

In this article, we will highlight common causes of motorcycle accidents and what to do if you’re ever involved in a motorcycle crash in Mobile, Alabama.

Understand These 4 Causes of Alabama Motorcycle Accidents

In 2019 alone, there were 1,867 motorcycle crashes in the state of Alabama. These accidents killed 90 people and injured 1,213 people. Of the accidents in that time period, 35% were caused by the motorist.

Here’s what contributes to many motorcycle crashes.

Lack of Visibility

The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is a lack of visibility. When motorists aren’t aware of and don’t look for people on a motorcycle, it can lead to a crash. In fact, around one-third of all motorcycle accidents occur when another driver turns into a motorcyclist’s path. This makes locations like intersections and left-hand turns extremely dangerous for motorcyclists.

This negligence can lead to head-on collisions, which are almost always deadly, and account for over 70% of all motorcycle crashes.

Alcohol Use

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is never a safe decision, no matter what you drive. In 2019, 16% of crashes involved at least one person driving under the influence. These types of crashes are especially dangerous for people on a motorcycle, who don’t have the car body to protect them during a crash.

Ignoring the Rules of the Road

Ignoring traffic laws puts everyone at risk. This goes for motorcyclists and cars alike. Speeding, driving drunk, and not keeping a lookout contribute to motorcycle crashes in Alabama.

While bikers can’t change drivers’ behavior, they can take steps to protect themselves on the road. For instance, bikers should avoid dangerous practices like lane splitting. Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of vehicles to get past slow or stopped traffic.

Although lane splitting is illegal in Alabama, many still take this risk. This practice is dangerous, as it puts riders in a scenario where they have less maneuverability while also being much closer to other vehicles. Plus, many drivers don’t expect motorcyclists to appear between lanes, so otherwise safe maneuvering on their part can cause a motorcycle accident.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than a car. Plus, having two wheels instead of four makes a bike less stable on slick roads, potholes, and loose gravel. Taking caution and consideration into the riding conditions at any time can help prevent many serious motorcycle accidents.

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Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

The unfortunate truth is that 80% of motorcycle accidents end in either injury or death of the motorcyclist. Taking certain safety precautions can help, like wearing a helmet and driving defensively. However, even the most careful and seasoned rider can’t predict the actions of others and any injuries they might sustain as a result.

Common injuries many motorcyclists face include:

Head Injuries

The number one injury motorcyclists experience is a head injury. Head injuries make up around 27% of all fatal motorcycle accidents. Many of these incidents involve traumatic brain injury and are often preventable through helmet use. When riders wear a helmet, the chances suffering motorcycle accident head injuries decreases from 51% to 35%. Helmets are required in Alabama.

However, if you were injured on your bike, but you weren’t wearing a helmet, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options or rights. If you or someone you love suffered a head injury while riding a motorcycle, whether they were wearing helmet or not, it’s important to speak with an attorney right away to understand your rights.

Road Rash

Road rash is a type of skin burn that happens what bikers slide along the road after falling off their bike. Road rash is extremely common in motorcycle related accidents and can cause extreme pain. These burns can become infected and take an extremely long time to heal, causing a great deal of pain for the injured rider.

Neck and Thorax Injuries

Injuries to the neck and thorax are often associated with head injuries, as they often go hand in hand. Injuries to the neck and thorax make up a combined 7% of fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents and are often associated with spinal cord injuries.

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What to Do After Motorcycle Accidents Occur

After a motorcycle accident happens, it is important that you act fast to ensure you can get the compensation you deserve, as well as to ensure your health and safety. In the hours, days, and weeks after your motorcycle crash, you should do the following:

If you were not able to follow some of these steps, like taking photos of the crash, that shouldn’t keep you from calling our team. Depending on the nature of the crash, our team of Mobile motorcycle accident lawyers can act quickly to preserve evidence of the crash, like surveillance footage from nearby businesses, that can support your story and benefit your case.

Depending on the nature of the crash, our team of Mobile motorcycle accident lawyers can act quickly to preserve evidence of the crash, like surveillance footage from nearby businesses, that can support your story and benefit your case.

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Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Fights Back for Injured Motorcyclists in Mobile, Alabama

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, our motorcycle injury lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve, and we have the experience to get the results our clients need. For instance, after Ashley was hit by a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle, our team secured one of the largest settlements in our firm’s history for him. We were even able to reduce some of his medical bills.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, fill out our online form or call us at 251-888-8888. We’ll listen to the circumstances of your motorcycle accident, investigate your situation, and discuss the compensation you could be owed.


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