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May 15, 2016
  1. 1. Medical Malpractice Cases Explained
  2. 2. What to Expect When You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile, AL

Medical malpractice and misdiagnosis are some of the most complex areas of personal injury law. Because of the potentially life-changing impacts that can result from a medical error or the negligence of a clinician during treatment, medical malpractice cases require an experienced personal injury lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the law and important issues that are unique to the medical field. The personal nature of medical care for illnesses and conditions can also add an element of complexity to litigating legal cases for these kinds of injuries. The experts with Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys have successfully handled medical malpractice claims for victims across Alabama for nearly 30 years. If you have been injured due to a medical mistake or lost a loved one because of improper care provided by a medical professional, a personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL, can help make sure those responsible are held liable for their actions.


Medical Malpractice Cases Explained

Medical providers are human and mistakes happen. Unfortunately, many medical errors can be prevented with if proper safety measures and procedures are implemented and followed correctly. In cases of medical malpractice or misdiagnosis of an illness, the negligence or incompetence of a practitioner who was responsible for a patient’s care caused an injury to a patient. Some types of medical malpractice can involve a surgical mistake that disfigures a patient’s appearance or causes a physical disability. These are avoidable circumstances and if you have been the victim of a medical error or misdiagnosis, you are entitled to compensation for damages or the losses you have experienced. Misdiagnosis of a grave illness such as cancer can cause patients to have unnecessary medical treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. Sadly, some clinicians intentionally hurt patients out of malicious intent. These instances are rare but it is critical that these cases are brought to justice to prevent the provider from causing harm to any other innocent victims. A personal injury lawyer in Mobile, Alabama will carefully investigate your case to determine if the medical provider is legally liable for your injuries and prove these facts to ensure you are compensated appropriately.

What to Expect When You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mobile, AL

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we will handle your medical malpractice claim with the personal attention and meticulous detail that you deserve. Malpractice related to medical diagnosis and treatment can cause permanent physical disabilities, emotional and psychological implications and affect your ability to work in your chosen career or enjoy the lifestyle you want. When a medical practitioner makes a serious or even fatal error that causes you or your family harm, you have a right to receive financial compensation for your pain and suffering, and to support your healing and even your future health. Our Alabama injury law firm has the expertise to navigate the intricate legal processes around medical malpractice to get you the monetary results you need to recover from your injuries.

Your health is one of your most precious possessions. So, when we hand over our physical and mental well-being to doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, dentists, physicians’ assistants, anesthesiologists, and hospital staff, we are putting a significant amount of trust in the competence of these healthcare professionals. Often, patients don’t know have even a basic understanding of the clinical methods or technologies used to treat our medical conditions. This can put patients at a disadvantage if they are victims of medical errors. A personal injury lawyer in Mobile, AL can help you build a strong medical malpractice case and make sure that you are fairly represented. Call the team at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys at 251-888-8888 and we will review your case for free.

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