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Despite ATVs often providing a great amount of fun for friends and family, on occasion riders, passengers or bystanders can get seriously injured due to circumstances beyond their control. If you have been injured in an accident involving an ATV in Mobile, Daphne, or Foley, Alabama, call the ATV accident lawyers at Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

As you may imagine, in many all-terrain vehicle injury cases, it can be difficult to determine and prove who is liable simply due to the large number of contributing factors that often are involved in these crashes.

However, at the Citrin law firm, our ATV accident lawyers are dedicated to helping all those who have suffered an injury that was no fault of their own, and are prepared to investigate the situation of any accident to help establish and verify who is at fault. Our team of experienced attorneys – led by Andy Citrin who has 28 years of trial law experience – will fight for your maximum compensation in a court of law.

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Common Causes Of ATV Injuries

ATV accident lawyers can help with ATV accident claims. Due to the conditions that ATVs are often used in, there can be a variety of factors that contribute to a driver or passenger being injured while out on the trails.

Some of these causes can include (but are not limited to):

  • The weather – bad conditions can often impede vision, and cause riders to misjudge distances and areas of potential danger.
  • The environment – muddy bogs, slippery trails and rocky hills can often appear safe at first look, but are commonly deceptive. This causes many riders to incorrectly gauge how fast to travel through a given area, and where to steer.
  • Riding with a passenger – many ATVs are designed to only be ridden by a single person. Adding a passenger to this type of vehicle can dramatically change its handling and shock absorbing characteristics, making it very dangerous to ride for all parties involved.
  • Defective product – despite being best suited to off road-type conditions, off road vehicles are not indestructible. In instances where a vehicle is being operated within the tolerances it was designed for, there can be times when parts break due to bad engineering, incorrect assembly or simply due to lack of maintenance.
  • Children operating ATVs – a startling amount of serious personal injuries involve ATVs that were being operated by children at the time of the accident. In fact, over 30% happen to children that are under 16 years of age. This has largely been attributed to then not having the strength, skills and/or judgement that is required to handle these types of vehicles in many off-road environments, especially in areas where there is no adult supervision.

It’s important to note that while misjudgment is often a leading cause of injuries, there are many instances where a person has been injured simply due to the reasons stated above.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a serious personal injury that was caused by the negligence of another, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

Steps to Take After an ATV Crash

Injured by an ATV? Contact and ATV accident lawyer. After being involved in an Alabama ATV crash, injury victims often are unsure of what to do. If you have been the victim of an ATV accident, it is important that you take the following steps:

  • Seek medical attention. In order to pursue legal recourse for your injuries, it is important to have documentation of your condition. Additionally, it can take a few days for the symptoms of serious injuries, such as back and neck injuries, to develop. By seeing a medical professional as soon as possible after an ATV accident, you can begin recovering right away.
  • Collect information related to the accident. It is important to gather the names, numbers and addresses of all individuals involved in the ATV accident, including any witnesses to the crash. It is important to also take note of the exact location of the accident and record any information about the ATV, including the make and model number.
  • Do not talk to anyone about the accident. Insurance adjusters are trained to try and get injury victims to settle for as little compensation as possible. Anything that you say to the insurance company may make it difficult to settle your claim.
  • Contact an ATV accident lawyer. An insurance provider may ask you to sign paperwork following your ATV accident. It’s a good idea to not sign anything until you have consulted with an ATV accident lawyer, as this paperwork may limit the amount of compensation you are able to collect through an ATV accident lawsuit.

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Our staff is committed to helping all those who have been injured in Mobile, Daphne, and Foley, Alabama through the intentional acts or negligence of another. Quite often, ATV and off-road Our ATV accident lawyers are waiting for you to callvehicle accidents involve very catastrophic circumstances, resulting in serious personal injury, property damage and even death. In fact, recently released government statistics have stated that in 2010, there were 317 reported deaths in the USA that were directly related to injuries involving ATVs.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an all-terrain vehicle, an ATV accident lawyer with Citrin law firm can help you pursue justice for your injuries. You may be eligible to collect compensation for medical bills, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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With our central office located in Mobile, AL, and satellite offices in Daphne and Foley, we provide comprehensive legal counsel to injury victims throughout Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Coastal Alabama, the Panhandle of Florida and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Here at Citrin law firm, we work on a contingency-fee basis. We don’t charge for our services unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for you. We are ready to help you today.

To begin exploring your legal options, contact us at 251-888-8888. Our intake team will ask for some initial information about the incident, and then connect you to one of our ATV accident attorneys in Mobile, Alabama.

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