Truck Underride

July 31, 2014

One of the deadliest types of truck crashes are underride collisions. During a truck underride crash the vehicle behind, or beside, the truck will travel underneath the body of the truck. An underride truck accident may occur at the rear or side of the vehicle. Most underride accidents involved large trucks like 18-wheelers but might also occur with other types of trucks as well.

The Census Bureau reported that in 2009 nearly 300,000 accidents involved large trucks. In Alabama alone the number of trucks involved in crashes 6,704 with the majority of those crashes happening on the state interstate. More than 80 of the truck collisions from 2009 in Alabama were fatal.

Truck underride accidents can be catastrophic and lead to serious injuries and even death. If you or anyone you know has suffered due to a truck underride collision they may be eligible to receive compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, medical bills, and more.

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Causes of Truck Underride Collisions

In Alabama a majority of truck accidents occurred due to failure to yield the right of way. There is a chance that due to this type of negligence some side underride crashes might have occurred. There are many reasons why underride crashes might occur, but some common explanations include:

Most often these types of collisions occur at night, especially those that involve faulty taillights or failure to use emergency equipment when pulled over. Drivers may also be at fault for truck underride collisions if they are speeding or tailgating.


Underride Guard Failure

Some trucks have protective guards that can help stop, or lessen the impact, of underride collisions. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) released a study in 2013 noting that most underride guards fail to stop deadly crashes. The guards often break during the impact of a crash and although some do prevent rear-collisions, side-impact or collisions where the car slides underneath the corner of the truck from behind can still be very deadly.

The IIHS has petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for tougher standards as well as requiring the guards for other large trucks such as like dump trucks which are currently not required to have this type of protection. It has been reported that more than 350 deaths each year are related to truck underrides.


Potential Truck Override Accident Injuries

Although many truck override collisions may result in death, if a person survives the crash they will likely have serious injuries including:

The injuries that occur due to truck override are numerous and can vary by the type of collision that occurred and whether or not there was an underride guard. Those who have been involved in truck underride crashes should seek medical assistance immediately.


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