Loss of Limb

July 31, 2014

In 2009, over 35,000 people were injured in Alabama motor vehicle crashes, according to the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. The severity of the injuries sustained in an accident can vary widely. One of the most severe types of injuries sustained in a vehicle crash is the loss of limb.

When two motor vehicles crash into each other, the impact of the crash can be violent. It is not uncommon for the impact of the crash to result in a vehicle occupant losing a limb. A broken glass injury can cause an individual to lose their limb. Car windows can shatter during an accident causing broken glass to fly all over the vehicle. The glass can penetrate deep into a person’s nerves and arteries. When this happens, it may be necessary to amputate an occupant’s limb to prevent him or her from bleeding to death.

Another common cause of loss limbs in Alabama car crashes involves the compression of the passenger compartments in vehicles when they are involved in a wreck. This can cause a vehicle occupant to endure pain while the metal from the vehicle’s frame crushes around their body, the crushing effect can destroy a limb. In these scenarios, amputations are necessary due to the fact that the individual will never be able to use their limb again.

If you or a loved one has lost a limb in car collision due to a negligent driver, you may be eligible for legal and financial recourse. Contact an Alabama auto accident attorney to explore your legal options.

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Medical Treatment for a Loss of Limb

After a medical professional has determined that the limb needs to be amputated, a surgery will be scheduled to remove the limb. Depending on the circumstances of the injury, the surgery may be a simple procedure or it can be very complicated.

Besides the surgical procedure, an individual that has lost a limb may need additional medical attention and oversight. For example, most car accident victims that lose a limb will have a prosthetic limb built for them. The prosthetic limb allows patients to participate in some of their everyday activities.

Even if an individual is not fit with a prosthetic limb, the accident victim will need physical therapy to regain their strength. In addition, the person may also need occupational therapy to learn how to do basic tasks with or without their replacement limb. This can be a grueling and extensive process.


Filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit

If you or a family member has lost a limb in motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Accident victims may be able to recover damages for current and future medical expenses, lost earnings, property damage and emotional trauma. Contact an auto accident attorney at Citrin Law Firm for a free legal consultation.  During your legal consultation one of our attorneys will review the circumstances surrounding your accident and advise you on the best legal remedy to pursue.

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