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Six Things To Do After A Workplace Injury

What to Do after a Workplace Injury

If you were injured on the job, you may be feeling sadness, confusion, uncertainty, and more. Well, none of these things will help you on the road to recovery. Work through these 6 elements after you have sustained a workplace injury to get back on your feet fast. So, without further delay:

Go To The Doctor

Just because you feel fine doesn’t mean you are fine. If you are hurt enough to miss work for your injury, then you need to seek medical attention. A doctor will take notes, diagnose you, and provide a plan of care to get you well again.

Take Photographs

As weeks progress, you may forget your injuries. Take photographs now (or have a friend photograph your bumps, lumps, bruises, and scrapes) as proof of your injuries.

Find A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Once you are on your way to healing, you need to find a personal injury attorney who can help you seek redress through the legal system. Many attorneys offer free consults to new clients that can be helpful to you in seeing how an attorney can aid you.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Even if you’re starting to feel better, you must follow doctor’s orders. In a lawsuit, failure to do so could lead the other side to suggest you are falsifying your injuries.

Write Out What You Remember

While you may not want to relive the injury, this can be useful when it comes to keeping a legal record of who said or did what. Write out everything you remember about the incident.

Start A File

Keep everything related to your injury in one file to stay organized. If you decide to pursue a lawsuit, papers related to your case will pile up. This will help you keep track of them.

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