New Traffic Officers Around Prichard Highways

December 02, 2013

According to Prichard Mayor Troy Ephriam, four new police officers will be monitoring the highways around Prichard beginning this month.

The four officers come as a result of a partnership between the city and iTraffic, a private company that will provide $50,000 to hire the officers. Money will also be provided for cars, motorcycles and equipment.

The new officers will attend to normal police duties, but they will be specifically assigned to pull over speeding drivers on the interstates.

According to city officials, there has been a huge problem with speeders and accidents on Prichard highways, with local racers frequently using I-165 northbound due to road design and the lack of officers.

In addition to making highways safer, officials expect to gain up to $400,000 a year through this enterprise. Money from the tickets will be divided between the city and iTraffic.

The program will be reviewed after a few months, and if determined successful, iTraffic will install speed cameras along the highway.

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