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Motorcycle Fatalities and Helmet Laws

Motorcycle fatalities and helmets

According to an article by the Associated Press, a new government study shows that motorcycle fatalities are significantly lower in states that require riders to wear helmets. Approximately five times as many riders who were not wearing helmets died in states that had less restrictive laws.

Over a period of three years, researchers found about 6,000 deaths related to motorcyclists who were not wearing a helmet. About 12 percent of the 6,000 fatalities were from states that required motorcyclists to wear helmets.

While Alabama does not require riders to wear a helmet, it is advised that all motorcyclists wear the proper safety gear while on the road. This includes:

  • Helmet
  • Eye Protection
  • Leather Jacket and Pants
  • Boots or Sneakers
  • Riding Gloves


If you or your loved one has been injured in a Mobile motorcycle accident that was caused by the actions of another, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your losses.

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