Get A Wrongful Death Attorney In Daphne For A Fatal Medical Error

September 15, 2016
  1. 1. Discuss Your Claim With A Wrongful Death Attorney in Daphne
  2. 2. The Team At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Can Protect Your Family's Rights

Medical malpractice accidents in the medical field that result in death are complex and the victim’s family members may be unsure of the details surrounding the missteps that led to the death. That is why you should always consult a wrongful death attorney if you suspect negligence in the loss of your loved one during a surgery or other medical procedure. Pursuing a lawsuit against a physician, hospital, or other healthcare providers when a medical mistake results in the death of an individual is important not only to compensate the family for their loss but also to make sure changes are made that will prevent the error from harming someone else in the future. Medical malpractice accidents that cause death can be due to the lack of adherence to proper safety protocols on the part of the practitioner or the healthcare facility where a procedure occurs.

When this is the case, taking legal action holds the provider and facility responsible for implementing new safety processes or enforcing existing policies that will help protect other patients from suffering a fatality from this medical error. Andy Citrin and his team of attorneys at Citrin Law Firm have represented the families of wrongful death victims in Alabama for three decades, and they have the expertise to help you through this tragedy and make sure those at fault are held liable. If you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal accident that was caused by medical negligence, contact our Alabama law firm for a free consultation from a wrongful death attorney in Daphne.

Discuss Your Claim With A Wrongful Death Attorney in Daphne

While it is hard to imagine ever being able to put dollar amount of losing a close family member, the financial realities that the surviving dependents of that individual must face are very real consequences that should be compensated. A wrongful death attorney in Daphne can help you evaluate the material costs and intangible damages that the loss of you loved one has caused. A personal injury lawyer will then help you determine the monetary support that you will need to take care of immediate costs such as burial expenses and medical bills, as well as future expenses such as lost income. At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, our Daphne wrongful death lawyers can help you and your family decide whether you should file a lawsuit against those responsible for your loved one’s death and the subsequent financial and personal losses you have endured as a result. The team at Citrin Law Firm cares about how this loss has impacted and could continue to affect you, and that is why our lawyers are dedicated to making sure you are not left to pick up the pieces alone.

The Team At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys Can Protect Your Family’s Rights

Our Daphne, Alabama law firm is staffed by local lawyers who are here to guide you through the legal steps of a wrongful death claim and provide skilled legal representation when you need it most. We will work hard to get you justice and closure to help you move forward after this tragic loss. Our Alabama attorneys know that not all victims have the resources to hire an injury law firm. For this reason, Citrin Law Firm accepts cases on a contingency basis, which means our clients don’t pay any fees until we win their wrongful death case and obtain a successful settlement or verdict. Call our Daphne, Alabama office at 251-621-3000 to speak to a legal professional who will collect a few facts about your claim and connect you with an attorney who has expertise in fatal accidents.



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