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Premises Liability

What Happens if You Get Hurt in a Store in Alabama?

what happens if you get hurt in a store

Every day, we trust stores to provide a safe shopping experience. We expect wet floors to be marked with signs, dangerous sections to be roped off, and employees to act with our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, too many accidents are caused by employees making reckless decisions and retailers not taking accountability for the safety…

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Should I See a Doctor After a Slip and Fall in Mississippi?

what happens if you get hurt in a store

No one likes to slip and fall—it can be embarrassing and potentially life-changing. According to The National Safety Council, slip and fall accidents account for nearly one-third of all non-fatal injuries. Unfortunately, many people downplay their injuries, assuming that those aches will soon go away, and they’ll return to “normal” life. If you suffered a…

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4 Signs You Were Hurt in an Unsafe Premise

Premises Liability Alabama

Premises Liability Alabama When owners, management companies, or commercial sites fail to keep their property conditions safe, they run the risk of visitors and patrons injuring themselves. In some cases, these victims end up dealing with a great deal of pain and suffering, which often leads them to file a premises liability claim. In Alabama…

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What to Do if You Slip and Fall in a Store in Mississippi

What happens if you slip and fall in a store

A slip-and-fall accident is the last thing anybody wants (or expects) to happen when they visit a store. Customers want a safe and easy shopping experience, and store owners and employees want the same. Regardless of everyone’s best intentions, however, accidents do happen, and people often sustain unfortunate and severe injuries on someone else’s property.…

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What Is an Alabama Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

alabama bad faith insurance claims

After a terrible storm, car crash, or accident, victims rely on their insurance to cover the cost of their damaged property, medical bills, and mental suffering. However, the insurance company sometimes denies valid claims without any real reason. When valid claims are denied, it’s often because the insurance company wants to save money. When the…

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Is Your Slip and Fall Case Valid?

slip and fall sign

It’s likely to happen to you at some point in time no matter who you are — you’re walking along, minding your own business when you suddenly find yourself on the floor. You’ve slipped on a spill, tripped over bad concrete, or suffered another kind of fall. Maybe you were just being clumsy and there’s…

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Mobile Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Premises Liability Laws

slip and fall accidents

Keeping a safe environment, equipment and facilities is the responsibility of businesses, property owners and those who are in charge of managing properties, such as landlords. Premises liability laws apply to both public and private places so homeowners can be held liable for injuries that occur on their property. Shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and municipalities…

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