6 Signs You Have a Personal Injury Case

January 13, 2020
  1. 1. What Makes a Strong Personal Injury Case? 
  2. 2. What You Do Right After the Accident Matters 
  3. 3. What to Expect During a Consultation With a Lawyer 
  4. 4. Can I Evaluate My Own Case? 
  5. 5. Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for Victims Across Alabama and the Gulf Coast 

If you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligent behavior, you probably want to know whether a lawyer can hold the negligent person accountable and help you recover from the devastating effects of the injury. There’s no substitute for personalized advice from an experienced lawyerbut we can give some general guidelines about what attorneys look for as they decide whether a personal injury case is a strong one. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Makes a Strong Personal Injury Case? 

Here are six signs an attorney will look for when they evaluate your case. If the following statements are true, then there’s a good chance you have a strong case. 

  1. You suffered injuries. 
  2. Causation: The accident caused your injuries. 
  3. Liability: Someone else was mostly at fault for causing the accident or incident. 
  4. Damages: Your injuries are serious enough that you suffered real losses like expensive medical bills, physical pain, and emotional trauma. 
  5. Evidence: You have documentation (medical records, bills, receipts, notes) that can show how much financial loss and pain your injuries caused. 
  6. There’s a potential source of compensation (usually insurance coverage). 

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What You Do Right After the Accident Matters 

Many of the factors that affect how your personal injury case turns out are beyond your control, but some of the most important ones arent. There are two things you can do that will give your case the best possible chance to succeed: 

  1. Get medical treatment as soon as possible after the accident. Follow your doctor’s instructions, attend any follow-up appointments they schedule, and tell them everything about how your injuries are responding to treatment and how you’re feeling after the crash. 
  2. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer and schedule a consultation as soon as possible after the accident. 

Nothing is more important than getting prompt medical treatment after an injury, both for your health and for your case. If you don’t go to the doctor and receive treatment, then the best lawyer in the world won’t be able to do anything to help you. 

What to Expect During a Consultation With a Lawyer 

When a lawyer meets with you for an initial consultation, they’ll try to learn about your case so they can advise you about how strong your case is and how likely you are to win if your case goes to trial. 

No matter how much an attorney empathizes with your situation and wants to help, a good attorney should give you their frank and honest assessment of your chances of winning at trial. If your case isn’t strong and doesn’t have a good chance at trial, then filing a lawsuit will only waste money, eat up your time, and leave you frustrated. 

Keep in mind that having a strong case doesn’t mean your case will go to trial. In fact, it’s usually the opposite: the stronger your case is, the more likely it is that the insurance company will offer you a fair settlement and you can avoid a long trial. 

However, your lawyer will still look ahead to a potential trial when they evaluate your case. If your attorney sees that your case would be weak at trial, then they know the insurance company will recognize this fact too, which will make it harder to negotiate and get a settlement. 

Can I Evaluate My Own Case? 

Now that we’ve given you all this information, here’s a piece of advice that might surprise you: don’t use it. It’s always better to speak with a lawyer who can give you personalized advice than to try and “self-diagnose” your case using information you found online. 

Evaluating your personal injury case and figuring out your chances of success at trial takes training, investigation, and experience. Even if you understand the basics of how these claims work, you should never make up your mind about how strong your case is or decide whether to file a lawsuit before you talk with an experienced injury attorney. 

Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys: Fighting for Victims Across Alabama and the Gulf Coast 

At Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys, we’ve been fighting for personal injury victims throughout Alabama and across the Gulf Coast for over 30 years. Time and again, we meet good people hurt by the careless actions of others who don’t think they have a case — when in reality, they’re eligible to collect thousands of dollars in damages. 

If you have questions about your case, need help understanding the value of your damages, or just need to speak with an experienced Alabama or Mississippi Gulf Coast personal injury lawyer about your options, you should reach out today to schedule your free, no-risk case evaluation. During your appointment, we’ll get to know you, learn more about your claim, and offer sound legal advice.  

To schedule your free, no-risk initial consultation, fill out our quick online contact form or call us at 251-888-8888. 

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