FedEx Vehicles

July 31, 2014

Recent statistics show that FedEx vehicles contributed to 497 crashes, 197 causing injuries, and 11 deaths, twenty-four months before October 18, 2012.

In many instances, FedEx truck accidents are often very complex and unique, as many people and entities may be held accountable for the accident.  At The Citrin Law Firm, we are well versed with liability issues that may arise and have both knowledge and expertise to successfully handle FedEx accident claims in the court of law.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, the victim could be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages including; pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

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FedEx History

On April 17, 1973 FedEx began operations by launching 14 small airplanes at Memphis International Airport. They would deliver 186 total packages to 25 cities around the United States.  The company would be headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, so it could be centered between their target markets.

Today, FedEx has over 43,000 trucks around the world and over 2.7 million miles are driven throughout the United States every day. They also operate the world’s biggest cargo air fleet featuring 660 airplanes, while also keeping a many empty airplanes in the air in order to respond to the ever changing freight demands.


Causes of FedEx Accidents

Most of the causes of FedEx accidents are similar to that of typical auto accidents, as they are both related to human error or other outside factors.  Unfortunately, these accidents usually result in more damage than that of typical auto accidents due to the large size differential.

Some common causes of FedEx accidents include:

These accidents are all avoidable by simply making yourself visible to all truck drivers and becoming a defensive driver. However, when these accidents do occur, they are likely to cause serious injuries, so it is important to have a medical examination and speak with an attorney regarding details of your accident.


FedEx Accident Injuries

As previously mentioned, the large size differential between a FedEx truck and the average passenger vehicle typically results in serious damages and injuries.  As a result of this massive impact, it is common for individuals involved to need immediate medical attention.

A few common FedEx accident injuries include:

It is common for individuals involved in these types of accidents to not realize they have been injured. This is due to the large amount of adrenalin that is rushed into the body as our natural response system kicks in.


Need Help? Contact A Truck Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident which resulted in an injury, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses.  The FedEx accident attorneys at Citrin Law Firm have the knowledge and determination to handle your case and guide you through the entire personal injury litigation process.

With our main headquarters located in Mobile, we are able to serve the entire state of Alabama.

Some locations we serve include:

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