Car Accident Insurance Claims

July 31, 2014

In the state of Alabama, it is required that vehicle owners maintain car insurance coverage in case of an accident. Insurance is intended to cover medical treatment for injuries and property damage caused by an accident. Immediately following an accident, the injured victims should seek medical treatment to ensure that they are safe and healthy. The next step is to call the insurance company and report the claim and then to not speak with anyone else regarding the accident.

To ensure that an insurance company processes a claim correctly and offers a correct settlement amount, contact a car accident lawyer for legal advice following a traffic collision to protect the rights to compensation.

Here at the Citrin Law Firm, we have a vast amount of experience in dealing with car accidents and the accompanying car insurance claim process. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources available to evaluate the details of an accident and decide whether an insurance company is treating the accident victim fairly.

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How to File Your Claim

While filing an insurance claim may seem simple at first glance, most average drivers are unprepared to file the required information correctly after they have been involved in a car accident.

Due to a variety of factors, motor vehicle collisions are generally very stressful for all parties involved – with accident victims tending to panic after a crash, which often causes them to make statements that may hinder their ability to receive a fair compensation from insurance companies.

In order to protect your best interests, some simple guidelines to follow after you have involved in an accident include:

At Citrin Law Firm, we strongly believe that those at fault in a car crash should be held accountable for their actions. With over 25 years of experience representing injury victims throughout Mobile and Baldwin counties, we have the desire and determination to fight for the MAXIMUM compensation benefits for our clients.

What To Do After A Car Accident – Easy & Quick Tips

Drivers know that following an accident there are a few general do’s and don’ts. While it may seem trivial, even the smallest error or lapse in judgment can be incredibly damaging to potential compensations.

Some of the most important guidelines to keep in mind immediately following an accident include (but are not limited to):

By following these simple recommendations, Alabama motorists are put in a favorable position to recover fair and just compensation for the losses they have sustained after their car crash.

Talking To The “At-Fault” Driver’s Insurance Company

Following a collision, the insurance company that issued the “at fault” drivers insurance policy will usually send out an appraiser to assess the damages involved, and to try and find out more information about the crash.

At this point, it is VERY important to remember that the primary obligation for an insurance company is to return a dividend to their shareholders, which they obtain this goal by paying out the absolute BARE MINIMUM whevener possible.

Furthermore, these investigators are NOT your friend. As highly skilled individuals, they are trained to obtain sensitive information from injury victims – information that can be used against the plaintiff should a compensation settlement be required.

By hiring the services of our skilled attorneys, we can help prepare you for those questions, and in most cases, we will simply have the insurance company contact us directly, so that we can ensure that your best interests are represented at all times.

How We Can Help Car Crash Victims

At Citrin Law, we are well aware that people can suffer severe injuries in accidents, that often create life-changing circumstances for both themselves, their families and their loved ones.

Some of these injuries can include:

…. mounting medical costs, vehicle repairs, loss of wages and other factors all contribute to putting a large amount of stress on all those involved.

Our founder – Andy Citrin – has many decades of experience handling insurance companies and car accident insurance claims. As a responsible member of his community, he has a hard-won reputationfor fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout Alabama – not large firms and corporations – and will follow your accident litigation through to the final settlement payment.

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In the case of negligence as the cause of an accident, the responsible party may be liable to the victim beyond the amount of an insurance settlement. An accident victim may be eligible to recover damages for loss of earnings, medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

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