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July 31, 2014

In general, there are six different types of auto insurance coverage plans available in the United States, currently providing protection for the millions of vehicle owners and operators across the country. Each state specifies varied auto insurance conditions dependent upon that state’s internal financial requirements. In the state of Alabama, the owners and operators of trucks, motorcycles, cars, and any other kind of motor vehicle driven on the roads must have proof of auto insurance.

Alabama motorists planning to operate and register a vehicle in the state must meet specific financial responsibility requirements to prove that they would be covered financially in the event of an auto accident involving their vehicle. Without this proof of auto insurance, no Alabama driver is permitted to legally drive on public roads, streets, or highways throughout the state. The purpose of providing proof of insurance is to ensure that, in the event of a traffic crash, the driver and owner of the vehicle involved has the ability to may for the damages suffered by the parties involved in the collision.

Citrin Law Firm has played an essential role in the Alabama community for many years. As a part of this duty and responsibility, our personal injury attorneys take pride in knowing that we are making the roads and highways in Alabama safer for all motorists and passenger occupants today. By providing our professional legal services to Mobile and Baldwin county residents, we are able to protect their rights and pursue justice in the event of an accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in a Mobile auto accident and need guidance, we are here for you. In an attempt to better serve our local clients, we have provided a list of auto insurance FAQ below.

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What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage? Does Alabama law require me to purchase this type of auto insurance?

In the state of Alabama, every car insurance company is required to provide both Uninsured Motorist Coverage and Underinsured Motorist Coverage. These specific coverage options are incredibly useful in the event that an accident occurs with another driver who does not have auto insurance or does not have enough auto insurance. Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage helps Alabama drivers to rest assured that will still receive full compensation from their losses if they are involved in a crash with an uninsured driver. The only way to circumvent purchasing Uninsured Motorist Coverage us to obtain a written waiver stating that the insured does not want this particular coverage.


What is the minimum auto liability coverage required by the state of Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, a licensed driver is able to carry a minimum amount of car insurance which protects them with adequate coverage in the event of a motor vehicle collision. The minimum policy coverage is as follows: $50,000 for all injuries in a single accident, $25,000 for injury liability covering one person, and $25,000 for property damage involved in one accident.


Are there any other ways to obtain proof of financial responsibility in Alabama?

Yes, in the state of Alabama, driver may obtain either a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond for at least $50,000 or a Certificate of Cash Bond for at least $50,000. If neither of these options are appropriate for you and your family, the license driver must obtain auto insurance from a licensed carrier.


What other types of car insurance coverage is available?

There are two general types of car insurance coverage: comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage relates to any type of damage to the vehicle that is a non-collision associated event. The most common of these include vandalism, theft, and broken glass. Collision coverage refers to any repairs needed for a vehicle which has been involved in a crash with another vehicle or an object.


What must an Alabama driver carry to provide proof of financial responsibility and proof of insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a multitude of methods to show proof of insurance and financial responsibility. When a driver is pulled over by a law enforcement official or involved in a crash, they may show the following forms of proof: insurance card, certificate of liability policy from the provider, a copy of the liability insurance policy, a copy of the vehicle purchase proof and the old insurance card from the replaced vehicle, copy of a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond, copy of a Certificate of Cash Bond, or a copy of the rental agreement in situations where there vehicle is from a rental company.


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Citrin Law Firm prides itself on the years of experience that we have in handling insurance companies and all of the proceedings involved in motor vehicle collision, all the while ensuring that our clients feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Hopefully the auto insurance FAQ above was helpful in answering some of the most common questions associated with auto insurance in Alabama. Insurance coverage can be a complex topic for new drivers. As a result, our Mobile auto collision lawyers work hard to provide honest, thoughtful advice and guidance.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you will likely need the professional legal services provided by Citrin Law Firm. Combining experience, knowledge, and an unmatched passion for the law, our Alabama personal injury law firm is always helping people.

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