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July 31, 2014
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When a motor vehicle collision occurs, many potential injuries may occur for the at-fault driver and the accident victim, as well as any other passenger occupants. Many Alabama auto accidents require emergency medical care to treat the injuries associated with the crash. While many people linked car crashes to broken bones, burns, and head injuries, auto glass injuries happen to be one of the most common occurrences following a collision. Broken glass injuries can be incredibly painful and accident victims suffering from this type of damage must seek medical care as soon as possible following a crash in Alabama.

Contrary to popular belief, auto crashes resulting in broken glass present a number of potential dangers and risks to many individuals, even those not directly involved in the accident. For instance, auto glass injuries commonly come from shattered glass flying through the air after a collision has occurred This broken glass has the likelihood to not only damage those involved in the crash, but may also strike any passing individuals in the immediate area, even those outside of the vehicle. In fact, some auto glass injuries involve broken glass traveling at such high speeds that innocent bystanders are killed instantly.

Citrin Law Firm believes that the at-fault party must be held liable for any auto glass injuries and property damages that they cause to innocent accident victims, passenger occupants, and surrounding bystanders. If you or a loved one has suffered auto glass injuries following a motor vehicle collision in Mobile, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact Citrin Law Firm to speak with an auto glass injuries attorney and learn more about your legal options.

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Common Auto Glass Injuries

When two vehicles are traveling and collide with one another, the amount of injuries and damages can be catastrophic, even when traveling at lower speeds. Many of the modern-day vehicles are constructed using shatter-proof windshields and other sturdy material to avoid the smashing of any vehicle glass. However, when a high-velocity impact causes the glass to break, the damages can be devastating. As a vehicle occupants and operators, Alabama individuals are left helpless while trapped inside of a vehicle where auto glass injuries are present.

Alabama motorists must be aware of the vast hazards associated with auto glass injuries. Due to the vulnerability and defenselessness that many accident victims are left in under accident circumstances, immediate medical attention is essential. When it comes to broken glass damage, the sooner the victim is able to be treated, the greater the chances become of survival, especially when injuries are severe and deep. The following auto glass injuries are most commonly seen in motor vehicle collisions in Alabama.


Psychological trauma is a common outcome of collisions involving auto glass injuries. When an accident victim looks down and realizes that they are bleeding profusely from an injury, they may transform into a state of shock. This shock is a form of an emotional reaction to the accident and associated injury. While this shock may subside, it may turn into a potentially deadly situation if not treated aggressively and immediately.

Surface-Level Cuts

Surface-level cuts are some of the most common Alabama auto accident injuries. These particular damages refer to a cut or tear of the skin which does not penetrate the victim’s body tissue. While minimal treatment is typically required for surface-level cuts, those injured parties must ensure that the wounds are properly cleaned, stitched, and monitored to avoid further damage.

Deep-Level Lacerations

When an accident occurs and the wounded individual has very deep cuts that penetrate the skin, tissue, and muscle fibers, even as deep as the bone, a deep-level laceration exists. These usually occur when a very sharp piece of glass is traveling at a very high speed, striking the skin directly and deeply. Permanent disfigurement may occur in deep-level lacerations and injured parties must seek medical care immediately following a crash.

Severed Limbs

When the damages of a car crash are very severe, large pieces of broken glass may strike the body and deeply penetrate. When the penetration is all the way through the body, or even almost all the way through, a severed limb may result. A severed limb may also result from a piece of glass striking an artery near an affected limb. In this case, the damaged limb is often amputated.

Bleeding to Death

The worst case scenario of auto glass injuries involves a piece of glass penetrating the neck or another part of the body that is particularly vulnerable. If medical attention is not given right away, the accident victim may bleed to death.


Auto Accidents Attorneys in Mobile, AL

When a broken glass injury occurs, accident victims must seek medical care as soon as possible. Auto glass injuries are often treated at the scene of the accident; however, more severe damage may require emergency room care. Due to the massive range in severity of these types of injuries, those involved in the car crash must call for help instantly. Citrin Law Firm is dedicated to providing justice for those who have been injured due to the negligence of another.

If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of auto glass injury in Alabama, our personal injury lawyers are here for you. Our Mobile auto accident attorneys are prepared to sit down with you and learn about you, your case, and the best path to achieving the maximum compensation possible.

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