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Avoid an Auto Accident In Alabama

July 31, 2014

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a report that traffic fatalities across the United States are up 9 percent in the first half of the year 2012. Within just the first three months of the year, 7,630 traffic fatalities had occurred from severe motor vehicle collisions. As more and more licensed drivers hit the roads and highways across the country, traffic collisions seem to become more likely and damaging.

Analysts have pointed to an improving economy as a potential reason for this spike in auto fatalities across the nation. As business beings returning back to “normal” more and more cars and trucks hit the road, causing congestion and an increase in the probability of an accident.

Alabama has seemed to follow the trend of the United States, marking increases in both the number of motor vehicle collisions, as well as the number of deaths associated with these crashes. As more motorists enter Alabama’s roadways and highways, drivers must make be aware of the potential of a crash.

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Auto Fatalities in the U.S.

There are a variety of opinions as to why the number of auto fatalities in the U.S. is climbing. As stated above, as the economy continues to grow and move closer to that of the flourishing days in the past, the use and purchase rate of cars and trucks increases. Inevitably, with an increase in the number of cars and trucks on roads and highways, the likelihood of a traffic accident, and thus, a fatality, increases significantly.

In addition to a rising economy, the number of present distractions in a typical vehicle in the U.S. may have some effect on the number of traffic deaths. Texting and driving continues to be a growing concern in the country, as more and more accidents have been attributed to this specific form of distracted driving. Distracted walking has been another budding concern. Pedestrians have been crossing roads while looking down at their devices, indicating another contributing factor to auto fatalities.

If you have questions about your particular case, an Alabama auto fatalities law firm may be the answer for you. Citrin Law Firm is taking auto fatality cases today.


Alabama Auto Fatalities

A counterpart to the growing number of auto fatalities in the United States, Alabama is one of the top three states with the largest number of traffic-related deaths. In fact, Alabama averages 21.7 auto fatalities per 100,000 crashes, which is tied for third in the entire country. With 1,014 average motor vehicle deaths each and every year, Alabama driver must take note of the dangers associated with navigating the risky roads in the state.

Recent studies indicate that approximately 300 accidents occur each day in Alabama. This number is well above the national average, making Alabama one of the most unsafe states to travel in the whole country. The Alabama Transportation Department states that motorists in the state are at a 48 percent risk in the likelihood of being involved in an injury or death due to a vehicle crash.

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Avoid an Auto Accident in Alabama

With speed and driver error as the leading cause of collision, Alabama motorists have the power to significantly reduce the number of crashes that occur each year. By making only a few adjustments in typical driving routines, motorists are able to pay better attention to the roads, and thus, reduce the chance of a traffic collision.

Citrin Law Firm believes that an educated driver is a safer driver. With this in mind, the following tips will help an Alabama motorist to avoid an accident:

  • Drive slowly, speeding marked one of the biggest causes of Alabama traffic deaths
  • Avoid driving in bad weather
  • Never drive under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Always wear a seat belt
  • Allow negligent, reckless drivers to pass you
  • Never tailgate the vehicle in front of you
  • Always utilize turning signals
  • Avoid all distractions, i.e. cell phones and GPS devices

The above avoidance techniques are phenomenal ways to place yourself and the passengers in your vehicle in the least amount of risk on the roads of Alabama. If you or a loved one has been injured, an Alabama auto fatalities law firm is here to answer all of your questions.


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