Understanding Crash Avoidance Systems

June 16, 2015
  1. 1. What Crash Avoidance Systems Do
  2. 2. The Need For These Systems

Despite repeated recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board to law makers and auto manufacturers that collision avoidance systems should be standard in new personal and commercial vehicles, few of these potentially lifesaving systems come standard in automobiles. The NTSB believes one of the reasons this technology is not widely available is because the public is unaware of how these systems can help. Mobile citizens can learn about crash avoidance technology and make decisions for themselves when considering new vehicles.

What Crash Avoidance Systems Do

The NTSB released a report on June 8 that stresses the need for these collision avoidance systems that may be able to prevent injuries or death by warning motorists if an accident is imminent. Warning monitors alert drivers of a crash and can brake a vehicle or assist a driver with braking. Some systems provide electronic stability control or can warn motorists when a vehicle has veered out of its lane.

The Need For These Systems

Crash avoidance technology could be able to prevent rear-end collisions or reduce the severity of them by more than 80%, which is important as around 500,000 injuries and 1,700 deaths are caused by these crashes every year. The NTSB recommends that auto companies start by making collision warning systems standard in vehicles and adding emergency braking systems later. While some in the auto industry believe this will add to higher costs for consumers, proponents of the safety measures say these features should be standard as they can save lives.

Unfortunately, few vehicles currently come with crash avoidance systems as standard features. While systems like these may take time to become part of more vehicles, a Mobile personal injury attorney can help those who were injured by a driver’s reckless actions right now. If you are injured in a car accident, we can help you recover expenses related to the crash.

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