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Aquaplaning & Hydroplaning Accidents

July 31, 2014

Hydroplaning – also known as “aquaplaning” – occurs when the tires of a vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle or other) loses contact with the road surface due to a thin layer of water getting between the surface and the tread on the tire.

The resulting action is often an immediate loss of steering in the vehicle, which is generally accompanied by the vehicle drifting or pulling into one direction or the other. In some instances, this loss of control can result in a serious auto accident, which often involves other vehicles being involved in the collision.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident that was caused by hydroplaning, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries – including the costs associated with the medical treatment and recovery from those injuries.

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Common Causes Of Hydroplaning

By design, the grooves that are manufactured into road tires are designed to not only grip the road surface, but to also disperse any water that the tire tread comes in contact with, and expelling it from the center of the tread pattern to the outer edges of the tire – centrifugal force also aids this process.

However, despite recent advances in wet weather tire performance, there are some primary elements that can induce hydroplaning.

Some of these factors can include (but are not limited to):

  • pooled water on the road surface – some roads often wear in unexpected patterns, which cause ridges and / or ruts to development in the pavement surface. Water from rain, drain overflow and even sprinkler excess runoff can puddle in these ruts, creating puddles of varying depth. These puddles can then create a water hazard and a potential source of hydroplaning.
  • driver speed – this is especially prevalent around corners, where a speeding driver may be driving too quickly in wet conditions, causing the tires to lose grip and cause a spin out or accident.
  • road curvature and design – due to environmental and budget restrictions, some roads need to be designed to fit within a given area. Due to these constraints, in some instances the road design is compromised, which can cause excess flooding and poor drainage during inclement weather. This combination can create a dangerous driving surface.
  • incorrect tire pressure – having incorrectly inflated tires can prohibit the tread from performing as designed. In these cases, any water may not be pushed away from the surface in time before hydroplaning occurs.
  • poor water drainage – blocks drains or excessive water build up after a large storm can also create water hazards on a roadway that may contribute to an aquaplaning incident.

As with most driving environments, it’s important for motorists to drive defensively and to be aware of the weather and outside driving conditions at all times.

Driver Responses To Aquaplaning & Prevention Tips

As a general rule, if a vehicle is traveling in a straight line when the aquaplane starts, the driver may notice a decreased level of “road feel” through the wheel, which often startles many motorists.

In fact, most drivers initially react to this feeling by trying to grab the wheel and steer out of the situation however, this is generally counterproductive in the majority of hydroplaning situations.

Some useful tips for avoiding or possibly escaping a hydroplane can include:

  • Easing off the accelerator can help to regain traction
  • If steering is required, turn the wheel gently and as smoothly as possible
  • Only apply the brakes if ABSOLUTELY necessary. Even then, only apply very gently
  • If the rear wheels skid, steer IN THE DIRECTION of the skid
  • Ensure your tires are correctly inflated
  • Do not use cruise control in wet driving environments
  • Reduce speed in wet conditions
  • Keep tires in good condition and maintain good tread depth

By using some of these basic tips, you may be able to escape or avoid an aquaplaning situation.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident that was caused by aquaplaning, the injury victim may be eligible to claim compensation for their injuries – including lost wages and costs associated with medical treatment other expenses related to the injury.

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