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July 31, 2014
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In 2010, the state of Alabama saw 862 traffic fatalities due to some type of motor vehicle collision, as reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA). Alabama’s fatality rate was a 1.7 percent increase from the previous year. Unfortunately, as the population of the state grows and more vehicles enter the roads and highways, the likelihood of an accident increases significantly, as traffic congestion is amongst the leading causes of auto collisions.

While traffic deaths are certainly of concern, far more Alabama motorists suffer from various types of injuries following a typical crash. The level of injury severity usually differs dependent on the force of the impact, the speed at which both vehicles are traveling, and the specific position of the crash. Many types of injuries that are endured from motor vehicle accident are treatable. However, accident victims must remember to seek medical attention immediately following a crash, as many types of injuries become worse if left untreated.

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Types of Injuries

The United States endured millions of motor vehicle collisions in 2010, causing injury of some kind to more than 2 million Americans, as shown in a recent study by the NHTSA. When a crash occurs, the first reaction must always be to ensure that everyone inside of the vehicle, including the driver, is physically stable. However, there are several internal injuries that may be undetectable to the human eye. Due to the uncertainty that exists in car crashes and the many types of injuries that may be appear, all of those occupants involved in a collision must seek medical care as soon as possible.

If you or a loved one has suffered any kind of injury following a crash, our Alabama personal injury attorneys are prepared to take on your case today. With the ability to service both Mobile and Baldwin counties and the entire state of Alabama, Citrin Law Firm knows what it takes to win. The following are some of the most common types of injuries endured after an accident.


Bone Fractures

Commonly referred to as broken bones, bone fractures suffered following an accident are usually treatable. In these situations, the collision is typically more severe, as a strong impact must be present in order to force a breakage in the bones.


Brain Injury

When a crash is very severe, the occupants involved may suffer from brain injuries. This kind of serious damage is usually caused by damage to the brains such as bleeding, swelling, bruising, nerve damage, or a skull fracture. When a traumatic brain injury occurs, the damages may be permanent or temporary dependent on the force of impact and location.


Head and Neck Injury

Injuries to the neck and head are the most commonly seen aftermath of an accident. Whiplash, car accidents’ most frequent injury, is caused by the jerking of the head and neck in a crash. While some head injuries result in a concussion, others are much more serious, such as a traumatic brain injury.


Lacerations and Burns

When a severe accident occurs, the occupants are subject to suffer serious pain in the form of lacerations and burns. These injuries take a long period of time to heal and commonly leave scars, as the damage is usually intense and deep.



Motor vehicle collisions involving permanent disabilities are the most troubling of any types of injuries. Paralysis can come in three forms: paraplegia, paraparesis, and quadriplegia. When an accident victim is paralyzed from the waist down, this is referred to as paraplegia. In cases where the victim suffers from paraparesis, spinal cord damage limits mobility and sensory ability below the waist. Quadriplegia is paralysis to the legs, arms, and torso.


Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries are amongst the trickiest of accident damages. At times, the symptoms of spinal cord injuries will not surface for several days following the crash. Some of the most common forms of back injury and spinal cord damage are ruptured discs, fractures, sprains, thoracic spine injury, and lumbar spine injury.


Wrongful Death

When a collision results in a death,the family member of the deceased may be able to recover financial recourse. Medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages and several other elements of compensation may be available.


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Our auto accident lawyers strongly believe that those who have been injured in an accident are entitled to compensation for the losses that they may suffer. It is both our honor and privilege to protect the rights of accident victims in Alabama. If someone else’s negligence has caused a crash, and thus, damages to you and your family members, you deserve compensation and we will fight hard to achieve just that.


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