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Tips for Driving In the Alabama Rainy Season

Alabama Rainy season driving tips

Nearly one-quarter of all motor vehicle collisions occur due to bad weather conditions. Although heavy rains occur across the globe, certain regions are much more prone to intense rainfalls.

With an average annual rainfall of 66.3 inches over a 30-year period, Mobile, Alabama tops the list as one of the wettest cities in the United States, while Alabama residents are all to familiar with the devastation that these storms can bring on the highways and roadways across the state.

Due to it’s subtropical climate, Alabama generally has hotter and more humid days during the rainy season when compared to other times of the year, and increases in wind usually mark the onset of hurricane and tornado season.

Admittedly, being on the road in any type of rain is risky; however, understanding some easy tips for driving in the Alabama rainy season can give drivers an advantage in handling a difficult driving environment.

For those that have been involved in an accident caused in part by bad weather, here at the Citrin Law Firm we believe that those who are at fault during an auto accident must pay damages to injured parties.

With that in mind, if you or a loved one has been injured due to poor weather conditions, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you.

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Dangers of Driving in Rainy Season

One of the biggest motorist misconceptions in Alabama is that heavy rain is acceptable to drive in, with drivers typically viewing rain, wet roads, and limited vision as “drivable conditions”.

However, due to the ferocity of the storms in this part of America, dangerous conditions can quickly appear and present a host of problems for most motorists.

Some of these can include (but are not limited to):

  • As rain falls, asphalt on the roadways and highways collects a film of water, thus reducing the traction on tire wheels (aquaplaning)
  • Decreased visibility due to rain can alter driver perception, therefore decision-making and judgment are much more difficult
  • The vehicle itself cannot perform to capacity on slippery roads, making quick starting and stopping difficult
  • Heavy rainfall mixed with the growing populations in Alabama increase the likelihood of a crash

While driving in Alabama, it’s important to be aware of the dangers associated with damp roads. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, Citrin Law Firm’s auto accident attorneys can help you to recover your losses.


 Alabama Rainy Season Driving Tips:

Regardless of age or ability, navigating the wet roadways in Alabama is undeniably dangerous. The combination of limited visibility, reduced tire traction, slippery roads, and nonchalant attitude makes driving in the rain risky..

However, if driving during these conditions is unavoidable, motorists must be aware of a few essential techniques for operating a vehicle on wet roads:

  • Turn headlights on
  • Brake slowly and much earlier than you typically would in normal weather conditions
  • Try to stay in the middle lane as much as possible
  • Plan for additional travel time
  • Do not use cruise control, causes vehicles to hydroplane
  • Attempt to safely avoid large puddles when possible
  • If  large puddle is unavoidable, tap on brakes lightly after crossing to dry some water off of the rotors
  • Keep windows defogged
  • If hydroplaning, do not brake or turn wheel, slowly release the gas pedal and steer straight
  • Keep an eye on the car in front of you to follow their cleared path

Following these tips can help to put Alabama drivers in the best position to avoid a potential collision by maintaining control over their vehicle during – or after – a storm.


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