Roll Over Accidents

July 31, 2014

In 2009, approximately 10.8 million auto accidents occurred in the United States. In fact, 35,153 auto accidents took place in the state of Alabama alone, accounting for 848 fatalities. Roll over crashes present some of the greatest risks compared to all of different types of auto accidents in the United States – accounting for approximately 10,000 fatalities annually.

Trucks, SUVs, and minivans maintain the highest propensity to roll over, which is largely attributed to the high center of gravity that each of those vehicles have. Other components (such as flawed tire design) have also been known to be a contributing factor in rollovers – increasing the chances of serious personal injuries for both the vehicle occupants and anyone else involved in the accident.

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Common Causes of Roll-Over Accidents

While large debate still exists in regards to the causes of these types of accidents, there are certainly a few sources that are agreed upon by most.In fact, the U.S government has stepped in to try and curtail the number of roll overs occurring throughout the country.

Below are some of the most common causes of roll over-related crashes in Mobile & Baldwin counties:

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Resulting Accident Injuries

The frequency of fatality is about 1 in every 27 crashes that involve vehicle rollovers. In fact, studies have shown that these types of crashes account for almost one-third of all highway auto accident deaths. Due to the nature of the accident itself, occupants are often ejected from their vehicles, which substancially increases the risk fo serious injury and in many cases, fatality.

Some of the most common roll over accident injures include:

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Reduced Property Damage By Better Design

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has instituted special requirements for vehicles to include anti-rollover equipment, with the most popular requirement being electronic vehicle stability systems – especially in trucks, SUVs, and minivans which have the highest likelihood to roll over.

By providing computer controlled engine torque management and individual wheel braking (like those offered by manufacturers Bendix and Meritor WABCO), these systems have been proven to greatly increase the safety of a vehicle, by providing the driver with more control in difficult and emergency driving situations.

An example of this would be of a pickup truck hauling a heavy load of cargo with a trailer attached to the rear of the vehicle. On wet or slippery road conditions, the computer is able to direct braking power to specific wheels that are either spinning too fast – or losing traction – to help stabilize that area of the vehicle.

By also using an active engine management system that “talks” to the braking system, the torque of the engine can also be used in coordination with the braking system to further slow down the vehicle.


Other Helpful Tips To Avoid Vehicle Rollovers

Vehicles with a high center of gravity are inevitably more prone to roll-overs. Nevertheless, those who operate those vehicles must be aware of this likelihood in the hopes to circumvent an accident, or worse, an injury or fatality.

Residents of both Mobile & Baldwin counties who own or operate an SUV, truck, or minivan must be aware of the following ways to avoid roll over accidents:

Keeping these tips in mind will be valuable in the event of a weather change, road constructions, etc. Citrin Law Firm believes that an informed driver is a safe driver.


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